Monday, September 15, 2008

:: post 8/8/8 and olympic game withdrawal ::

yes, i am still alive...

so, it has already been a month since 8-8-8 and the Olympics games have come and go.

like millions of the earth's inhabitants, i tuned-in for the olympics opening ceremony in beijing, china - after running away from the office, hop on the bicycle and reached home in about 8 minutes flat.

like many, i have followed the live games on television (while working from home) on most days, and again the recaps at night on BBC or Eurosport channels.

like some, i didn't really bothered much about singapore's athletes' progress during the game. and not surprisingly, i didn't have much pride with the fact that "we" have won two bronzes about 48 years!

i can't even be bothered to 'bitch' about the dragging of our national flag during during the games opening and how there was not even a mention of singapore when the 'made-in-china' girl won the bronze in ping-pong and the aftermath drama about the sacking of the coach.

oh yeah, august was also the month of singapore's national day. and somehow, my patriotism to this date has diminished a lot since i 'moved' here some 3 years ago, as evident from my 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 entries.

there was no national day last month.

the point is perhaps, not reading a lot of local news, tv and other media and other self-promoting propaganda back home...i have beginning to loose steam of being pro-SG.

don't get me wrong...i love singapore and will defend it at any costs in time of war, after all, i served a large chunk of my adult life with the national service, remember?

it's just that i don't "feel" really that "every Singaporean matters" anymore.

being away on my own in liberal europe for the past 3 years has given me a fresh pair of eyes perhaps, and i'm getting a bit too uncomfortable with the truths in what i've known for sure.

damn those E!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

:: i still could not resist... ::

...not drugs, sex and rock and roll! but limited-edition LVs like this one.

what's so special about it?
- it's called "Monogramouflage" which is the result of collaboration between Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and was inspired by one of Murakami's major works, "Magic Ball."
- as usual, it's not available in LV Amsterdam by the time i called them up - the dutch could not be bothered with such stupidity like these :)
- luckily a colleague went to paris for the weekend and was able to (hesitantly) make a detour to LV store to get one for me .

i almost waiting to buy the iPhone cover as well, but was informed that it might not be the perfect fit for the iPhone 3G and it appears bulky too.

it looks like this will end up like my other purchase(s), unopened, in the box, and storing dusts.


:: we know ::

an acquittance of mine, few weeks ago..maybe months, told us that he has met chris martin of coldplay at the central station of the hague - and had taken a photo with him and showed it to us.

we wondered why of all places he would be here....but today, we know the reason.

while watching this cool music video - i don't realised how beautiful this city is , until you see it from another person's perspective....however boring this place is for me socially, i still think it's a very very beautiful city. and maybe i was a lord in my past life with a huge parcel of land here... :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:: my summer 2008 ::

i think it's about time that my summer dance parties were over - especially when some english tourist came onto you at the dance floor and asked whether if i know any dealer who sold "K", and then, gave you a deep french kiss even when you replied you had no idea what it was all about.

time and place : paradiso amsterdam, 3/4 august around 2 am.

from club fuse in brussels, belgium or paradiso in amsterdam - i think i have danced a little bit too hard in quite a short space of time between them, just 2 weeks. its funny how many people that i have become acquaintance with by just being in those two clubs/events - the party circuit folks, whose idea of a good time is simply being in a hot club, topless, drink lots of water, no alcohol, eyes completely wide, full of energy and very touchy/feely/happy ambience and mood.

i still have some soreness on my neck and muscles from all those dancing, and to add to that, i fall from a stairs at an after-party club (whose location i shall not reveal, due to my embarassment :P)

i have been partying since 9 pm on a sunday until 10 am on monday morning, and i think i have lots 2 inches from my waistline easily, because the tight little skinny jeans (size 28 inch) has suddenly became rather loose....too much sweat i presume?

anyhow, if there is such thing as my personal summer anthem for 2008, i have to say its this play below and dance with me...shall we or shall we not?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:: you'll never know where you will end up to... ::

while going through a totally random blog-hopping, i discover this poor guy's singapore ID shown in some jewish blog ....

i guess there were making fun of his name....Batman!

be careful of scanning your IDs, y'all, you might even know where it might end up...especially if you have an ID photo that only a parent will love :-)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

:: opps, i did e again::

the 'neighbour' and i decided to spend last saturday night at his place - getting stoned, acting silly (and naughty) and watching some movies.

he decided to watch 'requiem for a dream' as a last go before we get too pissed and blacked out...

a HUGE mistake....well, i'm not sure if it was the bad choice or maybe the perfect choice.

the story was dark and bleak - the soundtrack, though is terribly superb if you are stoned (i meant, not fully alert because it was already 3 am in the morning :-P)
after the movie ended, i made him promised that we will NEVER EVER ended up as drug abusers*, and that we will take care of our health and body, and we will live well and good into the golden years without much health problems and die peacefully...

click on the youtube clip below to see and hear the movie/soundtrack. imagine that you are high and'll get my drift, x!

* i only meant HARD drugs, soft drugs like coffee, cigarettes do not count :-P

:: compare and contrast ::

:: holland beat france - qualified for 2nd round, euro cup 2008 - 8 june, the hague ::

:: holland lost to russia in quarter final, euro cup 2008, 22 june, radisson grafton hotel, london ::

From Blog

time flies! and so have i.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

:: a wake up call ::

ever since my return from the rome holidays, i have to say that i have been very busy meeting new social acquaintances from all over holland (and more). i have been attending dinner parties, drink parties, clubbing, playing chess, watching football, getting high and stoned, etc etc...

i don't know what has got over me - perhaps it comes at the time that i am feeling all FABULOUS with myself, that the realisation that there is nothing to be insecure about and that my self-confidence is finally there.

last weekend, SJ has gracefully invited me to a grand birthday party in amsterdam. the party itself was wonderful and well-organised, despite i know only very few guests there. but as the night progresses, conversations become easier with strangers-turned-acquaintances/friends and perhaps i became too reckless after that as a result - to cut the story short, i became less alert and awake.....and i lost my bag containing my iPod, Prada shades, sweater, house keys, bicycle keys and most importantly, the bag itself! it was a gift from a close friend from japan, about 7 years ago. i know that porsche design does not make that bag anymore, but it was special to me because it was a bag that had seen the world with me and a dependable bag too. it was my recklessness to get a mint from the bag (because i wanted to kiss everyone goodbye) that i just casually put it on a chair and went to say goodbye at the bar and, only to be distracted (or perhaps seduced) to a lounge upstairs for a special 'goodnight'. with my keys gone and sweater-less, i had to stay in amsterdam and wait until the next morning before i could get the spare key from my friend in the hague.

i believe that this little incident is a reminder for me. it's life way of telling me to perhaps slow down, and look around. i admit that i have been reckless with new acquaintances and didn't devote much time for myself. i am not as fit as before, since i have stopped going to the gym regularly, always not at home on weekends and didn't stop and smell the roses! it's time to stop, listen to my breathing, relax and pamper myself silly, just for me and by me!

i'm going to do that this weekend as i will be off to london. instead of the usual london shopping and sights, i guess i will spend quality time for some 'old friends' who are living there now as i have always been avoiding that and instead rather spending time by myself at bars and clubs.

it's time to wake up, or i'll be dead...x

Friday, June 13, 2008

:: hup holland ::

it's almost 3 am now, and i just can't describe the feeling.

the dutch has beaten france 4-1, and also italy 3-0 for euro 2008. unless you have been living in the cave, you would have heard the news by now.

it was crazy...the whole atmostphere was electrifying, there were orange everywhere...i felt patriotic even though i'm not dutch...but hey, i am rooting for them and i think they deserve to win - they played superb game...

we all need great news, and the mood in holland is fantastic!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

:: Oranje meets “300" : EURO 2008 is here! ::

EURO 2008 is here....

And as a tribute to the Orange team - who I will be supporting, naturally....take a look at these photos of John Heitinga, Edwin van der Sar, Gio van Bronckhorst and Rafael van der Vaart (my favourite!) taken ala '300' movie.

This result is HOT!

What connects the Dutch football team, the testosterone fueled movie “300″ and brilliant photographer Erwin Olaf?

Oranje-fever. That’s what. It’s starting… We only need to get through the Dutch plsy-offs and the dreaded CL-finals and then Holland will turn Orange!

The AD newspaper commissioned Olaf to shoot pics of our heroes for their EC-special and the results are awe-inspiring.

Go Orange! I have set my orange clothes to wear to work on Monday (where they will match against the tough Italy)


Friday, June 06, 2008

:: euro 2008, football and me ::

:: me with my last soccer team...i've blurred the rest of my friends for their privacy and the fact that they don't' look like that any more now :-)::

surprisingly that this may sound - i do actually like soccer (or football...depending on which part of the world you are living). i was never good at it...just basic 'ball sense' but with no goal-scoring instincts, i was always a defender (because i have the stamina to run 90 minutes since i was a runner, and tackled other guy's leg to steal the ball, or a goal-keeper (because i am not afraid of speed balls going to my face (or balls!) since i was a volleyball player too).

and yes, i've been hit by a fast zooming ball at a free kick right up my own balls! serve me right for forgetting to 'shield' my family jewels, but i am happy to say that my 'two boys' are as good as new now :)

i grew up with 2 brothers who are fans of the opposite english teams (liverpool versus manchester united) and a dad who is neutral (arsenal) - but somehow, they all dislike everton for some strange reasons. as the youngest son, i learnt how to play it diplomatically of not taking any sides, even though i do like liverpool (partly because of ian rush when he was a player there, now coach :))

on the world soccer arena, my brothers are fans of germany, holland, brazil and england. no suprises there....since i remembered they watched almost all the live matches television in the wee morning hours in the 70s, 80s...and less by 90s since they are all married and moved to their own houses.

and without my brother's bickering and hogging the television, and having 3 TVs at home didn't help,watching football at home is no longer an activity that i used to do. on special tournaments like world cup and euro, my friends and i will watch them at a bar, pub or even a disco like ministry of bizarre. but i like it best at a coffeeshop where i could just wear my flip flops, shorts and t-shirt in the open air with all the fellow fans (or more likely soccer punters) :-)

now, in Holland, i had relieved those moments 2006, there was a world cup and being true and integrated to my 'adopted new land', i am all orange and all for the dutch team (even though when i returned during the quarter finals in singapore)

::supporting holland in singapore @ clarke quay::

:: supporting holland at my regular bar in den haag ::

Thursday, June 05, 2008

:: a documentary that made me cry ::

i simply love BBC.... whether its channel 1/2/3/4 - they have among the best english programs and documentaries that should have been shown by mediacock back home.

i watched this french documentary (
ÊTRE ET AVOIR) on BBC four last night.

it was a very simple documentary - George Lopez was an educator at a small school in France's Auvergne region, where in December 2000 and June 2001, he taught students between the ages of 4 and ten - in a single classrom.

i was awed and inspired by his true dedication and passion about teaching. his love for his students and his personal and yet professional guidance to his students' life were beyond words. you could sense it by watching this documentary - and it didn't help that he has one of the sexiest male voices (and the french accent too).

i cried at the end, because shortly after that documentary was made, he retired from teaching after dedicating 35 years of his glorious life to guide and educate young children.

i didn't remember anything about my kindergarten school days when i was 5 and 6 years old. i remembered walking on a high narrow beam for the first time, some kid in school shat on his pants, my super short school uniform with tartan red and white prints and that i cheated on a school race because i don't want to balance a stupid bean-bag on my head.

but for those kids in the documentary, i am sure they will remember those wonderful foundation of a great childhood that they will forever cherish.

if you have the chance to rent this documentary, please will never regret it.


Monday, June 02, 2008

:: my ear worm at the moment..::

ever since i saw them at tonight's show with jay leno, i have been addicted to this song (again and again...while in singapore, rome, holland, play, work, whatever else...)

however, despite its rather repetitive lyrics, it has some hidden meanings as well ;-) and this video (although not official) is one of the best example of why apple mac rocks!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

:: the pope, the molesters, beggars and homeless ...ah rome memories ::

I've been back to Holland since last Monday (after the delayed flight from Rome due to some strikes by the airport ground staff)...and had been busy catching up with my housework, work, emails, meetings, and I didn't even have any time to cook at all.
There was so many things to write and share about my Rome trip, but ever since I've been reading the power of NOW!...i don't feel its useless really to talk about the past or even to think about the future. But for my sake when I'm older, I will try to put up some photos and memories about the whole trip. But I think the real reason is that I don't like the way I look in the photos - especially with my terrible hair. It was so bad that once I reached home, I went and cut my hair by myself..and look like a butch lesbian square-top hairdo.

On a social level, it's also been busy....4 appointments this week...lots of drinks, food and entertainment...and fun! :)

The wedding, especially, was very special. It was so special that they even have a letter from the Pope to wish them much happiness and success in their marriage life. And did i tell you that I saw the Pope twice while I was in Rome? And that I was also molested twice by lecherous Italian men in the crowded buses too?

Italians do it better...dont' they ;-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: rome fave - part 1.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: when in rome... ::

it's already been my 5th day in rome - and i have been walking about 80% of my time here. thankfully, i have a wonderful pair of shoes, else walking on cobblestones of rome is a challenge to the feet.

it's raining today, and i have to stay in my room and trying to 'borrow' some unsecured wifi access in order to post this. it has been my umpteenth attempts to get online, it's not easy, but i'm not frustrated, after all i'm on holiday.

i've been to most sights of rome - the coliseum, roman forum, vatican city, trevi fountain, the museums, churches, etc...

rome is a glorious city, but its magnificence lies on its magic of the past - of the days gone by. rome today is somewhat dirty, polluted and noisy - and to a certain extent, a mini 'india or philippines' just like london or hong kong. i guess that's the consequence of global migration - the poorer countries flocking the so-called richer countries of the world. with it, there's more integration, i just hope and see.

but then, is there really no place like home? after my work stints in europe - would i want to return home and work and live in the soulless and competitive birthplace of mine? i just hope and see....

:: me at via della conciliazone leading to st. peter's - as laid by Mussolini, which some said ruined the medieval character of vatican city, one of rome's realistic moments::

Sunday, May 18, 2008

>>back to the low-lands and off to rome >>

after braving of 13 hours from singapore to amsteram via klm, having two days of sleeping like a hedgehog due to much deserved sleep - i am now in ROME at a chinese-owned internet cafe...

there's so much things to do and think about for work...but for now, it's MY TIME, and i just want to enjoy my holidays and yes, attend a wedding next weekend.

more pics to share, i promise...x

Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: freakin' stress ::

just like my trip from amsterdam to singapore, i am put on wait-list for a week!

my original plan was to return to netherlands on 12 may, but only 10 may was available. the other dates were also full, except 16 may - but that is the same date that i'm flying off to rome from you can see why i'm so F**king stressed and anxious.

here are my options:
1. do the unthinkable - fly KLM, but they are also on full flight although I hope to have a seat on 14 may.
2. change my flight and hotel arrangements to rome to a later date - it will cost me more $$$
3. .....pray!

wish me luck folks...x

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

:: underwear overload::

after the initial splurging on underwear shopping at (rather overpriced) newurbanmale, i have decided to buy more underwear online at i bought a wonderjock from aussiebum at SGD 39.90 there instead of SGD25.75 online price (exclude shipping cost which was 25 AUD or SGD 32) PER delivery, of course).

i guess i went overboard with my undies shopping :-$ (and yes, i have small waist - which explained why all sizes are XS, not the package size :P)

initially, i was quite sceptical that the delivery will take just 4 days from australia to singapore (from point-of-sale to door delivery), but i thought i just give it a try nonetheless.

true to its promise, i have my goods delivered on time as scheduled...and i am very happy with the quick and hassle-free shopping. i can't wait to try them on, especially with the swimming trunk as i really like the design and cut of it. but first, i need to start doing 500 sit-ups daily :P

on the other hand, i have yet to receive my alternation confirmation for the shirts that i bought at raoul until now, even though i bought it a day earlier than my shopping.

perhaps raoul can learn something from this, other than the 1 week timeline for alternations, it should not have charge extra charges for alternations since they are supposed to be rather high-brand market. i have bought equivalent shirts before in europe and alternation is always free and quicker!

ps: what shall i do with the old undies? x

Monday, May 05, 2008

:: it's hard to pass the dutchie, even at karaoke ::

even in the most unsophisticated and remote karaoke club, you can still find a dutch artiste somewhere-somehow.

what more annoying that one of my least-favourite dutch so-called celebrities - gerard least the spelling was wrong!


on another note, a filipino couple-friend has invited me for drinks and dinner last thursday, which was a public holiday eve here.

i skipped the dinner invite and joined them for drinks instead. and i was introduced to a dutch couple, one of their sister and his nephew (who were here on a holiday from utrecht). for some strange reason, one half of the dutch couple (the older one) was avoiding any eye contact or conversations with me at all - only to find out that there is a small local chinese guy who is apparently also involved in this 'threesome' relationship. i didn't see him at first since he's really rather small :) and i had conversed with the dutch in dutch (duh!)....anyhow, apparently that local midget is very possessive with any asian who can speak dutch, especially with his so-called lovers....WHATEVER

speaking of foreigners in singapore, i was the only local boy at the party (other than that little chinese guy), who are singaporean. there were 1 malaysian chinese, about 15 filipinos, and 4 dutch in total.

talk about being a stranger in your own land...well, sometimes :-)


Saturday, May 03, 2008

:: singapore and underwear shopping ::

yes, i have already arrived in singapore since 28 april but i have been to lazy to blog.

i blame it on my continual jet-lag (i hardly sleep at night) and the fact that i'm still working from home in europe/american times...which screws up my body clock even more - thank god that i will never be pregnant.

the weather here has been uncharacteristically hot and humid, and i have 'gone commando' most of the times. this has prompted me to buy a lot of new undies and i am expecting a big shipment soon from aussiebum soon.

there is a particular underwear which i really liked, it's from japan (called dugas) - see below and it has little metal badges on its sides and a sewn-on badge at the back. it's very comfortable and sexy, my bum felt good ;-) but it's not really cheap, about 45 EU per pair, but I think i will only wear it on special occasions or parties ;-)

talk about shopping, i have also stocked up for the summer at raoul, giorgano concepts and camper shoes. for some reason, my colour for this season is full of light grays and bright pastels. this is especially so since i'm off to rome in 2 weeks for a holiday AND a wedding (with strict italian suit dresscode).

that's what i miss the most - SHOPPING and i have been eating out everyday and i think all my efforts at the gym will go to waste as i'm having a little bit of a 'beer tummy' now. i'm about to go for a karaoke later, maybe i'll post some photos (oh yeah, i have a really short haircut now, i look like a butch lesbian now, i think )

have fun people! x

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: for the first time....:::

.... that my new boss was reluctant that i have decided to go back fly back home to singapore (and work from home) only for 2 weeks! it was never an issue with ANYONE before. i told him flatly, if this is indeed an issue, i will quit! after all, it's my contract which provides a ticket for every quarterly :p
.... my dutch 'friends' (who i have only met twice!) said that i'm arrogant by default - because i'm singaporean and their singaporeans friends and experiences are apparently full of bitch-dom and whore-mongering.
... an american that i met at a party told me of this joke, 'they should only have 2 lanes at the airports - poor countries and rich countries' - upon knowing that i was a singaporean, which sort of enforcing the arrogance stereotypes.
.... flights with SIA to Singapore were all full until next week! i forgot there is long dutch holidays coming up, and this makes me happy that i have decided to be away from here - just like the thousand other dutchies on their way to asia for their holidays.
... i will miss queen's night/day celebration for the first time since i came to the netherlands.

there is always first time for everything, x!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:: restaurant review : London - Busaba Eathai ::

if you like good thai meals at a rather affordable price (at least by london's standards), i would strongly recommend busaba eathai

it was so good, that i had 3 meals within 2 days at this bistro. i had visited 3 of their outlets throughout london. on the first night, i have to travel (by london red bus) from bond street to soho and ended up at tottenham court.

that's me - if i like something, i don't mind eating it over and over again, simple taste for simple mind.

the service is good, food is delicious but i have to warn you that the queues are long...

click on the photos for descriptions.... selamat makan! x

From Busaba Eathai...

:: love is stronger than pride ::

what i really want to do now is to skate along east coast parkway in singapore, and listening to this haunting and mesmerising song many times over.

indeed, love is stronger than pride.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

:: a celebration of life ::

the realization that a colleague has passed away, and all that's left was just an empty desk (with some of his personal possessions) finally came through.

this morning was his funeral - at his hometown, zoetemeer. quite a few of us from work car-pooled and took time off to be there, one even flew from london just for the funeral.

it was a very simple funeral, yet very meaningful. there were moving eulogy from people at work and his family.

but it was his wife's speech that moved me the most. it was mostly in dutch, of course, but she translated the last part of the speech because she wanted everyone to understand something so universal, yet so neglected: love.

she said that in all their years of marriage, bram would always make sure to call her everyday (since he travelled to most parts of the world for work) and tell her that everything was good and how much he loved her. she ended her speech by reminding us to call our loved ones before sunset, and reminded them how much we loved them.

i did...i called my mom later.

this is not the first time that someone from work has passed away, i've had this unfortunate experience before in 2004.

what made this funeral somewhat special was the generosity of his family to remind us that what matters most is not when a person has gone, but the celebration of each other, as human beings when we are all alive and well. and i guess that was the spirit of the funeral - a celebration of his life. wines, beers and rosé were served after the ceremony.

instead of trying to comfort his wife in this difficult moment, i felt that she was reassuring me. she remembered our conversations and dinners together in krakow, and how we seemed to be connected spirituality. they trusted me as they sensed that my energy was a good one. we talked and we smiled, i hid my tears, but it was difficult.

before i left the funeral, i thanked her and her sons because they have shared a generous and kind man into my life - someone who is not only a colleague, but another fellow human being.

and with that, i have moved on.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

:: rest in peace Bram Lavino ::

i lost a colleague today - from a cancerous brain tumour.

i have received the news as i was having a teleconference with houston and london.
it was so shocking that i didn't know how to compose myself and trying to talk business - when it was too much, i told my other colleagues on the other line about the news.
needless to say that they were sadden too by the news, and we had the call postponed to a better time.
the work day was too busy that i didn't have much time to grief for his lost.

but tonight, i did.
you see, before he left for the hospital, on his last day at work, he gave me a cd recording of him playing the synthesizer - something which he did while waiting for the test results.

while listening to a track from music 'time to say goodbye', i completely lost it.
for a moment, i grief for his lost and yet, i am thankful to know him (and his wife and children).

his funeral is next wednesday, and i'm hoping that everyone will remember and celebrate his life.

i'll write for it in another entry, i'm sure.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

:: london - winter to spring 08 ::

just some snapshots of london, i used to be so tired of it, but now no more.
thinking of even relocating there... :)


Saturday, March 29, 2008

:: back with the english (although it feels like to the indians) ::

well, after a night out celebrating for a colleague's farewell (which was until 3 am), needless to say that i missed my 9 am flight to london.

i had to wait until 12.30 pm for the next flight and i arrived at the london office late (but just in time for a meeting though).

yes, i'm back in london (again!) but this time i will spend a little bit more time and hopefully less british pound as i'll be staying over the weekend and taking a day's off on monday - i wanted to go to the museums here.

i had been having dinner with my thai colleague and his girlfriend is an excellent cook. i was their first guest to their new apartment in east london, and i'm seriously thinking of relocating to london. work opportunies are many here (i've had many job offers, but never took any yet), and i think i can manage fairly well in terms of living here despite the cost of living.

london gets me everytime, let's just hope that i will not be delayed in flights again - as it has been that way since the past two trips, one way or the other.

ps: let's really have the english spring shall we, please god?


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

:: of your loft and yourSELF ::

with the easter long weekend finally over, i woke up this morning with the beautiful light snow flakes falling outside - and with that, i decided to work from home today :))

it has been a rather hectic easter weekend for me, apart from a dinner on easter friday, i've had drinks on saturday (at my place) , another dinner invitation on sunday and (finally) an easter lunch on monday.

talk about having a full weekend.

what i like best about all this is to see how my friends here live - a house can tell a lot about the owner personality and character, i think, well, at least the outer self.

one of my friend is a serious piano player, as a hobby. his indulgence to his hobby and the beautiful 'pure sound' of the piano (as he called it) is evident with his grand (ie: read really expensive piano). and it was real treat to hear him playing some classical pieces from chopin, schubert and beethoven as pre-dinner entertainment. i liked his house, the building used to be an old hotel, but the apartments have all been refurbished and renovated. the houses surrounding that building are all about 100 years old, so in the name of keeping the harmony, i have to say that it was a perfect blend of old and new.

another couple friend has a rather fun and lively personality, and it shows (especially with the easter egg hunting decors all over their living room). and with that, their loft is a two bedroom modern and contemporary apartment with pictures of horses and the dutch royal family (one of them works for the queen of netherlands).

i wonder what will my colleagues think of the apartment that i'm staying now when they come for a visit later this evening for a karaoke night with playstation...hehe,

it is that i care, but really how much of this apartment is reflective of my personality since all furnitures and decors are not mine. and i'm not really the best housekeeper in the world, but well, as long as i have warm bed at night and a roof over my head - i have to say that i'm contented.