Monday, July 30, 2007

:: ode to my cam ::

as a mark of respect to my old camera that 'died' yesterday), here are some final photos which i took (before the accident) was mostly a passing-by shots from the car. as the real intent was to take photos from the harbour and waterways of hoek van holland..

i am going to miss my camera, it has been to many places with me and took many good and naughty photos together...

you will be missed,

Sunday, July 29, 2007

:: t'was the day the camera broke ::

what was supposed to be a day of photo-taking at the Westland and Hoek Van Holland ended up with a disaster.

i broke my faithful camera, and it landed on the harsh and hard concrete just when i was about to get out from the car. it was terribly windy where we were and while i was adjusting my scarf and getting out of the car at the same time (bad mistake!), i lost grip of my camera and it fell and crashed.

:: the last photo just moments before it was flung far on the concrete ground ::

it was unfortunate as it was really a nice sunny day, albeit the strong winds and cloudy intervals.

:: no more display screen or the ability to take photo, RIP panasonic lumix FX9::

i have to wait until september/october when i return for my quarterly home trip, before i have a new one. until then, i guess my mobile phone will be the faithful substitute.

not sad - its only a camera,

Friday, July 27, 2007

:: TGIF ::

it's FRIDAY (sunny, well on most parts!), and I decided not to go to work :-D
and i'm going to learn "how to give a back massage" today, i think its easy - just 10 steps!

but then, i think i need a back massage (or any kind of massage) not to give one :(

in dire need of massage,

Thursday, July 26, 2007

:: when someone from work is also a porn actress ::

my ecstasy-induced acquaintance from work (note: not my co-workers as we have no professional dealings with each other whatsoever), told me today that one of HIS co-workers is a part-time porn actress.
my intial reaction was "get out of here!", and said that just because she has a big house with a nice swimming pool at a posh location, but having a 'less important' position than him does not mean that she has additional 'jobs' to maintain her rather lavish possessions.

but he said that he is not lying and showed me the website to prove him right (and also to show that he is not intoxicated in any manner).

hold and behold! there she was, right on the main page of a dutch porn website..showing off her jugs and all, it was dirty pictures, i'll tell ya!. even though you have to pay if you want to see more of her dirty actions and videos, lest just say that it was enough to see.

i don't think i could look at her the same way again, especially with the thoughts of her dirty pictures are still sticking in my mind.

and just when i thought that nothing will ever suprise me in the netherlands, it has never failed to show me new perspectives of life, in this case, my work life....

porn free me,