Thursday, August 05, 2004

:: so long, Eng Hwa....::

:: his work station, left it like it was when he was still around ::

it was the email from hr that shocked all of us at work. it informed us of the death of a colleague - he had collapsed yesterday while at a meeting with the customer. it also detailed a little of his career background and how he was well-liked and will be missed by all of us. a donation box for the funeral and the wake details were also listed in the email. it was brief but poignant, nevertheless.

i did not know how old lim eng hwa was. i did not know him personally, but i have seen him and exchange pleasantries in pantries and also during coffee and cigarette breaks. he was somebody i knew, who happened to be working in the same firm as i was. his working space was some distance adjacent from mine, and i took one last look of it today. the 'streats' newspaper that he read yesterday while still there, and so were his drinking mug. unfinished work, documents were all like it was - when he was still alive.

needless, to say, i am feeling sad about his demise. for someone like him who had given loyal service to the firm for 15 years, i wondered how many in the office that he can considered as 'friends' instead of 'colleagues'. i guess, i will never is too late to be his friend now, and rest in peace, eng hwa....

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