Thursday, April 03, 2008

:: rest in peace Bram Lavino ::

i lost a colleague today - from a cancerous brain tumour.

i have received the news as i was having a teleconference with houston and london.
it was so shocking that i didn't know how to compose myself and trying to talk business - when it was too much, i told my other colleagues on the other line about the news.
needless to say that they were sadden too by the news, and we had the call postponed to a better time.
the work day was too busy that i didn't have much time to grief for his lost.

but tonight, i did.
you see, before he left for the hospital, on his last day at work, he gave me a cd recording of him playing the synthesizer - something which he did while waiting for the test results.

while listening to a track from music 'time to say goodbye', i completely lost it.
for a moment, i grief for his lost and yet, i am thankful to know him (and his wife and children).

his funeral is next wednesday, and i'm hoping that everyone will remember and celebrate his life.

i'll write for it in another entry, i'm sure.



Rob van Rijen said...

Bram used to be my manager at the Shell Learning Centre when I worked there from 1997 until 1999.

He was incredible to work for and with. I've always seen him more as a mentor than a boss. His energy, enthousiasm and open mind are an example to us all.

Rest in peace Bram!

Rob van Rijen
rvrijen AT boz DOT speedlinq DOT nl

ms mumbles said... sorry to hear abt your loss...:(

may he rest in peace...

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Nathan Lavino said...


My name is Nathan Lavino, Bram's middle son. I want to thank you for this blog you wrote when my father died...

When I read this blog it still makes me feel real proud to be his son. We still miss him very much! Beautiful to know his music did something to you and made you write this blog.

Thanks again. I hope you are doing well!

Kindest regards,