Friday, December 30, 2005

:: Festive and New Year Greetings ::

I am back...well, just for this post.

Right now, I am on holidays...but strangely it is in the same place that I have been before for 4 are right, it's the same old Den Haag in Holland.

It's winter now, means that the weather is not as kind as the summer and autumn previously, but then again, I am back here - not for work, but just pure leisure.

Well, the reason for this is to really find out if I could settle down live and stay and work for a couple of years....Singapore and KL do not excite me - both socially and professionally.

I need to have 4 seasons, but then, perhaps it is just an excuse to get away and go on with life's new experiences.

To all of you...Have a Great 2006! May we be in touch again....cheers!

:: aGentX ::