Monday, August 09, 2004

:: hari kebangsaan 2004 ::

the english translation for the title above in malay is 'national day 2004'.
today marks the 39th birthday of Singapore. like it or not, i have always been a little bit sentimental about 9th of august.

i have watched the national day parade quite a number of times in my lifetime for both the 'preview' and the actual event, that i actually lost count. from a schoolboy, to a cop while serving the national service and to a NS-man after completing the national service - i have seen and participated in all. the parade (as a scout contigent during school day, to a police contingent during NS), the performances (as a school contigent) and concerts during the schools' celebrations.

so, the thrill of trying to try my luck to get the tickets for the event has worn out for me.

however, watching the parade (whether it is live or on TV) has always give me goosebumps. that is the only segment in the national day that i will never miss (except for twice which i went away for a short trip, like many kiasu singaporeans who will take advantage of a slightly long weekend)is the march-past of the parade contingent.

I remembered the 'chest-out-stomach-in' posture in full attention as a march past contigent, the shine of my boots, the stiffness of my no. 1 uniform and the pride that i have - all this while waiting for the instructions of the parade commander. even as a NS-man, i will saluting at the flying march past and singing the National Anthem - Majulah Singapura, all in the regal smartness of my a-little-tight-police uniform :).

so, be rest assured that i will be having these memories again, when i will be watching the parade 'live' on TV in 3 hours' away.

Majulah Singapura!

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Mr Miyagi said...

Happy National Day to you too! How about sharing some of your NS stories? Pass me your email address to if you're interested. Would love to have you participate.