Saturday, March 22, 2008

:: good friday dinnner ::

i was honoured to be invited for a nice and quiet dinner on easter friday from a new acquaintance at his apartment in riswijk (about 20 minutes by tram from where i lived). like many of my close friends, he works in the creative/fashion industry and i have to stay that his apartment is, well, rather eclectic and full of contrasts - from prints, fabrics, textures and furniture. but it worked somehow, without having too much noise - and i learnt quite a fair bit about interior design, and i miss my own apartment back home in singapore :(

and yeah, did i also mention that his apartment is really huge...for a dutch standard, it occupied half of the floor of a rather high building (it used to be an office building). and he collects chairs too (and i mean chairs that are worth collecting type, the original designers prototype kind).

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