Tuesday, May 06, 2008

:: underwear overload::

after the initial splurging on underwear shopping at (rather overpriced) newurbanmale, i have decided to buy more underwear online at aussiebum.com. i bought a wonderjock from aussiebum at SGD 39.90 there instead of SGD25.75 online price (exclude shipping cost which was 25 AUD or SGD 32) PER delivery, of course).

i guess i went overboard with my undies shopping :-$ (and yes, i have small waist - which explained why all sizes are XS, not the package size :P)

initially, i was quite sceptical that the delivery will take just 4 days from australia to singapore (from point-of-sale to door delivery), but i thought i just give it a try nonetheless.

true to its promise, i have my goods delivered on time as scheduled...and i am very happy with the quick and hassle-free shopping. i can't wait to try them on, especially with the swimming trunk as i really like the design and cut of it. but first, i need to start doing 500 sit-ups daily :P

on the other hand, i have yet to receive my alternation confirmation for the shirts that i bought at raoul until now, even though i bought it a day earlier than my aussiebum.com shopping.

perhaps raoul can learn something from this, other than the 1 week timeline for alternations, it should not have charge extra charges for alternations since they are supposed to be rather high-brand market. i have bought equivalent shirts before in europe and alternation is always free and quicker!

ps: what shall i do with the old undies? x

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