Wednesday, August 06, 2008

:: i still could not resist... ::

...not drugs, sex and rock and roll! but limited-edition LVs like this one.

what's so special about it?
- it's called "Monogramouflage" which is the result of collaboration between Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and was inspired by one of Murakami's major works, "Magic Ball."
- as usual, it's not available in LV Amsterdam by the time i called them up - the dutch could not be bothered with such stupidity like these :)
- luckily a colleague went to paris for the weekend and was able to (hesitantly) make a detour to LV store to get one for me .

i almost waiting to buy the iPhone cover as well, but was informed that it might not be the perfect fit for the iPhone 3G and it appears bulky too.

it looks like this will end up like my other purchase(s), unopened, in the box, and storing dusts.


:: we know ::

an acquittance of mine, few weeks ago..maybe months, told us that he has met chris martin of coldplay at the central station of the hague - and had taken a photo with him and showed it to us.

we wondered why of all places he would be here....but today, we know the reason.

while watching this cool music video - i don't realised how beautiful this city is , until you see it from another person's perspective....however boring this place is for me socially, i still think it's a very very beautiful city. and maybe i was a lord in my past life with a huge parcel of land here... :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:: my summer 2008 ::

i think it's about time that my summer dance parties were over - especially when some english tourist came onto you at the dance floor and asked whether if i know any dealer who sold "K", and then, gave you a deep french kiss even when you replied you had no idea what it was all about.

time and place : paradiso amsterdam, 3/4 august around 2 am.

from club fuse in brussels, belgium or paradiso in amsterdam - i think i have danced a little bit too hard in quite a short space of time between them, just 2 weeks. its funny how many people that i have become acquaintance with by just being in those two clubs/events - the party circuit folks, whose idea of a good time is simply being in a hot club, topless, drink lots of water, no alcohol, eyes completely wide, full of energy and very touchy/feely/happy ambience and mood.

i still have some soreness on my neck and muscles from all those dancing, and to add to that, i fall from a stairs at an after-party club (whose location i shall not reveal, due to my embarassment :P)

i have been partying since 9 pm on a sunday until 10 am on monday morning, and i think i have lots 2 inches from my waistline easily, because the tight little skinny jeans (size 28 inch) has suddenly became rather loose....too much sweat i presume?

anyhow, if there is such thing as my personal summer anthem for 2008, i have to say its this play below and dance with me...shall we or shall we not?