Tuesday, May 29, 2007

:: straits times online new layout - so salah! (wrong) ::

i don't understand why when designing a new layout, the designers do not take
into consideration the use of colours, space and emphasis on the design?

as a paid-subscriber from the straits times online, i find the new layout fugly and so 'rojak' - everything also want and kiasu.....so uniquely singaporean.

they should learn from NY times - such an easier read as compared to the ST.

and i'm not even going to start with the issues that i had before with them about expired links, missing articles, etc. but to be fair, they did contact me for those feedbacks, by calling my home number in singapore - knowing that i am in europe and i guess to all my singapore mobile number is too much work for them :-P

Friday, May 25, 2007

:: theraphy of the month : COS ::

happy! a new (well, almost 2 months now :$) retail theraphy in town - COS (Collection of Style) - which is a new high-end label from H&M chain.

i tried the grey knee length shorts (39EU/29GBP) below, too bad its a tad big and my only complaint is that the smallest size for trousers/pants is 30, while i wear size 28 (i know, i don't look that thin, but i have really small waist ;)

i love their collection, check it out!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

:: do i really need another LV? ::

"i have regretted the day since i saw that LV monogram groom zippy organiser @ selfridges during my last trip to london. i had contemplated for so much that i bought the damier geant canvas compagnon bag instead. it has become virtually impossible to find any new ones now, since they have stopped the range."

i have always wanted LV zippy organiser, but i didn't like monogram one, because of the sheer number of fakes out there. however, i gave in - having a friend who works in a LV boutique and having your contact details in their database didn't help either! so when my order for the limited edition version the zippy organiser - LV Cup 2007 was finally here, i simply had to get it.

as usual, my purchase didn't disappoint. with 8 credit card slots, 2 open pockets for bills, 1 zippered compartment for change, 3 large, gusseted compartments for documents and passport and 1 patch pocket - that's all i need really to put all my important stuff there (ie: means to justify my indulgence).

already i know that this range is sold-out in japan with the prices in ebay and yahoo japan has increased in comparision to the retail price for this item brand-new. and also the price that i got here is cheaper relatively to the singapore one by discounting on the GST (or VAT) alone.

to be honest, i have a perfectly good travel document organiser by samsonite right now, and i don't really need this at all. i am itching to sell just because of its limited range and from a collector's point of view.

what should i do? really...

:: spring is here, and so are the flies ::

there has been so many on-goings (and photos) for the past few weeks, but i have been too lazy to do any blogging simply because of the sheer distractions from
other forms of entertainment (ie: my digital cable subcription with over 400
channels, including porn :P among others)
and now that my home internet connection has finally legit!, no more free wi-fi courtesy of the neighbours.

the dutch weather is still as confusing as ever, it's bright and sunny on one day, rain, cloudy and dull on the next. i guess its like a puberty transition, and to be told that you will not have any more pimples once you have passed your adolescence (NOT!)

despite the continual confusion on what to wear (to suit the weather of course), i have managed to spend past few weeks doing the followings:

- visited and shopped at one the largest Ikea in Europe (possibly the world), where i saw a singaporean designer's product being sold ;)

- almost 2 hour drive to het loo palace (no, it's not a giant toilet, but the former royal residence for the Stadtholder Willem, known to English-language readers as William III of Orange and his consort Mary II Stuart, who became King and Queen of England in 1689.

- bicycling from one stage to another at the hague jazz festival (where i managed to catch Spyro Gyra and Gare Du Nord performances for free!)

and of course, the highlight for all asian-descendants in the netherlands - Pasar Malam Besar. the orkestra melayu singapura performed there too ;)

i will try to share some photos of those events in my next post...muah!

live life, life is good!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

:: another crocs fad? ::

"well, maybe but i will get them anyway - after my feet are moisturised and pedicured. it is gross to wear bare sandals with flakky skin and dirty nails"

you can buy them online, they have beautiful shoes/sandals range too.

Monday, May 07, 2007

:: my little bruggé weekend ::

i love bruggé, belgium - i do not mind going there again.
From Bruggé, Belgium
From Bruggé, Belgium

being impulsive (as usual), i decided to get that weekend return trip from den haag to bruggé, and i did not regret even considering it earlier

more albums and descriptions are in my photo album here...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

:: queen's day weekend ::

"orange everywhere, beers at hand, flea markets and the crowds - the queen's day weekend is here"
From Queen's Day -...

From Queen's Day -...

i have been too lazy to write about anything, really.

there's many long holidays here - and i am channeling those energies of leisure to read, study my dutch (minimal only though) and basically being lazy.

and it shows, i'm getting heavier...so sue me!

had a wonderful queen's night and day weekend - too much fun, which is no good, as it can also bring too much lows too soon, need to find a peak high again.

for more photos...go to my album here