Saturday, May 03, 2008

:: singapore and underwear shopping ::

yes, i have already arrived in singapore since 28 april but i have been to lazy to blog.

i blame it on my continual jet-lag (i hardly sleep at night) and the fact that i'm still working from home in europe/american times...which screws up my body clock even more - thank god that i will never be pregnant.

the weather here has been uncharacteristically hot and humid, and i have 'gone commando' most of the times. this has prompted me to buy a lot of new undies and i am expecting a big shipment soon from aussiebum soon.

there is a particular underwear which i really liked, it's from japan (called dugas) - see below and it has little metal badges on its sides and a sewn-on badge at the back. it's very comfortable and sexy, my bum felt good ;-) but it's not really cheap, about 45 EU per pair, but I think i will only wear it on special occasions or parties ;-)

talk about shopping, i have also stocked up for the summer at raoul, giorgano concepts and camper shoes. for some reason, my colour for this season is full of light grays and bright pastels. this is especially so since i'm off to rome in 2 weeks for a holiday AND a wedding (with strict italian suit dresscode).

that's what i miss the most - SHOPPING and i have been eating out everyday and i think all my efforts at the gym will go to waste as i'm having a little bit of a 'beer tummy' now. i'm about to go for a karaoke later, maybe i'll post some photos (oh yeah, i have a really short haircut now, i look like a butch lesbian now, i think )

have fun people! x

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happyamsguy said...

For € 45 per pair, I want the models to be included!