Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:: for the first time....:::

.... that my new boss was reluctant that i have decided to go back fly back home to singapore (and work from home) only for 2 weeks! it was never an issue with ANYONE before. i told him flatly, if this is indeed an issue, i will quit! after all, it's my contract which provides a ticket for every quarterly :p
.... my dutch 'friends' (who i have only met twice!) said that i'm arrogant by default - because i'm singaporean and their singaporeans friends and experiences are apparently full of bitch-dom and whore-mongering.
... an american that i met at a party told me of this joke, 'they should only have 2 lanes at the airports - poor countries and rich countries' - upon knowing that i was a singaporean, which sort of enforcing the arrogance stereotypes.
.... flights with SIA to Singapore were all full until next week! i forgot there is long dutch holidays coming up, and this makes me happy that i have decided to be away from here - just like the thousand other dutchies on their way to asia for their holidays.
... i will miss queen's night/day celebration for the first time since i came to the netherlands.

there is always first time for everything, x!

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