Monday, September 15, 2008

:: post 8/8/8 and olympic game withdrawal ::

yes, i am still alive...

so, it has already been a month since 8-8-8 and the Olympics games have come and go.

like millions of the earth's inhabitants, i tuned-in for the olympics opening ceremony in beijing, china - after running away from the office, hop on the bicycle and reached home in about 8 minutes flat.

like many, i have followed the live games on television (while working from home) on most days, and again the recaps at night on BBC or Eurosport channels.

like some, i didn't really bothered much about singapore's athletes' progress during the game. and not surprisingly, i didn't have much pride with the fact that "we" have won two bronzes about 48 years!

i can't even be bothered to 'bitch' about the dragging of our national flag during during the games opening and how there was not even a mention of singapore when the 'made-in-china' girl won the bronze in ping-pong and the aftermath drama about the sacking of the coach.

oh yeah, august was also the month of singapore's national day. and somehow, my patriotism to this date has diminished a lot since i 'moved' here some 3 years ago, as evident from my 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 entries.

there was no national day last month.

the point is perhaps, not reading a lot of local news, tv and other media and other self-promoting propaganda back home...i have beginning to loose steam of being pro-SG.

don't get me wrong...i love singapore and will defend it at any costs in time of war, after all, i served a large chunk of my adult life with the national service, remember?

it's just that i don't "feel" really that "every Singaporean matters" anymore.

being away on my own in liberal europe for the past 3 years has given me a fresh pair of eyes perhaps, and i'm getting a bit too uncomfortable with the truths in what i've known for sure.

damn those E!

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