Saturday, May 31, 2008

:: the pope, the molesters, beggars and homeless ...ah rome memories ::

I've been back to Holland since last Monday (after the delayed flight from Rome due to some strikes by the airport ground staff)...and had been busy catching up with my housework, work, emails, meetings, and I didn't even have any time to cook at all.
There was so many things to write and share about my Rome trip, but ever since I've been reading the power of NOW!...i don't feel its useless really to talk about the past or even to think about the future. But for my sake when I'm older, I will try to put up some photos and memories about the whole trip. But I think the real reason is that I don't like the way I look in the photos - especially with my terrible hair. It was so bad that once I reached home, I went and cut my hair by myself..and look like a butch lesbian square-top hairdo.

On a social level, it's also been busy....4 appointments this week...lots of drinks, food and entertainment...and fun! :)

The wedding, especially, was very special. It was so special that they even have a letter from the Pope to wish them much happiness and success in their marriage life. And did i tell you that I saw the Pope twice while I was in Rome? And that I was also molested twice by lecherous Italian men in the crowded buses too?

Italians do it better...dont' they ;-)

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