Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: when in rome... ::

it's already been my 5th day in rome - and i have been walking about 80% of my time here. thankfully, i have a wonderful pair of shoes, else walking on cobblestones of rome is a challenge to the feet.

it's raining today, and i have to stay in my room and trying to 'borrow' some unsecured wifi access in order to post this. it has been my umpteenth attempts to get online, it's not easy, but i'm not frustrated, after all i'm on holiday.

i've been to most sights of rome - the coliseum, roman forum, vatican city, trevi fountain, the museums, churches, etc...

rome is a glorious city, but its magnificence lies on its magic of the past - of the days gone by. rome today is somewhat dirty, polluted and noisy - and to a certain extent, a mini 'india or philippines' just like london or hong kong. i guess that's the consequence of global migration - the poorer countries flocking the so-called richer countries of the world. with it, there's more integration, i just hope and see.

but then, is there really no place like home? after my work stints in europe - would i want to return home and work and live in the soulless and competitive birthplace of mine? i just hope and see....

:: me at via della conciliazone leading to st. peter's - as laid by Mussolini, which some said ruined the medieval character of vatican city, one of rome's realistic moments::

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kualibiru said...

More photo please!!! Glad you enjoy your trip there bro :)