Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:: my summer 2008 ::

i think it's about time that my summer dance parties were over - especially when some english tourist came onto you at the dance floor and asked whether if i know any dealer who sold "K", and then, gave you a deep french kiss even when you replied you had no idea what it was all about.

time and place : paradiso amsterdam, 3/4 august around 2 am.

from club fuse in brussels, belgium or paradiso in amsterdam - i think i have danced a little bit too hard in quite a short space of time between them, just 2 weeks. its funny how many people that i have become acquaintance with by just being in those two clubs/events - the party circuit folks, whose idea of a good time is simply being in a hot club, topless, drink lots of water, no alcohol, eyes completely wide, full of energy and very touchy/feely/happy ambience and mood.

i still have some soreness on my neck and muscles from all those dancing, and to add to that, i fall from a stairs at an after-party club (whose location i shall not reveal, due to my embarassment :P)

i have been partying since 9 pm on a sunday until 10 am on monday morning, and i think i have lots 2 inches from my waistline easily, because the tight little skinny jeans (size 28 inch) has suddenly became rather loose....too much sweat i presume?

anyhow, if there is such thing as my personal summer anthem for 2008, i have to say its this song....click play below and dance with me...shall we or shall we not?

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