Tuesday, March 25, 2008

:: of your loft and yourSELF ::

with the easter long weekend finally over, i woke up this morning with the beautiful light snow flakes falling outside - and with that, i decided to work from home today :))

it has been a rather hectic easter weekend for me, apart from a dinner on easter friday, i've had drinks on saturday (at my place) , another dinner invitation on sunday and (finally) an easter lunch on monday.

talk about having a full weekend.

what i like best about all this is to see how my friends here live - a house can tell a lot about the owner personality and character, i think, well, at least the outer self.

one of my friend is a serious piano player, as a hobby. his indulgence to his hobby and the beautiful 'pure sound' of the piano (as he called it) is evident with his grand (ie: read really expensive piano). and it was real treat to hear him playing some classical pieces from chopin, schubert and beethoven as pre-dinner entertainment. i liked his house, the building used to be an old hotel, but the apartments have all been refurbished and renovated. the houses surrounding that building are all about 100 years old, so in the name of keeping the harmony, i have to say that it was a perfect blend of old and new.

another couple friend has a rather fun and lively personality, and it shows (especially with the easter egg hunting decors all over their living room). and with that, their loft is a two bedroom modern and contemporary apartment with pictures of horses and the dutch royal family (one of them works for the queen of netherlands).

i wonder what will my colleagues think of the apartment that i'm staying now when they come for a visit later this evening for a karaoke night with playstation...hehe,

it is that i care, but really how much of this apartment is reflective of my personality since all furnitures and decors are not mine. and i'm not really the best housekeeper in the world, but well, as long as i have warm bed at night and a roof over my head - i have to say that i'm contented.

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