Monday, May 29, 2006

:: the day that I got my dream ticket [and its not even a lottery winning ticket]

As a continuation to this silly adventure...only for Madonna that I am willing to sacrifice the much deserved sleep in the weather that makes being in bed so .....GOOD!

This guy even slept overnight to book the maximum eight tickets per person.

Slept at 4 am, woke up at 7 am..and being number 21 in the queue. Just imagine the guy infront of me (no. 21) gets row 19, while I ...just 5 seconds from him, got row 21....because of the central queueing mechanism for the tickets....It was sold out within 15 minutes but fortunately for the rest of the late ones, she will have a second show in Amsterdam...

And my reward.....priceless...

:: and the holy grail is... ::

Pardon the long absence....been living life for the moment - and not so much about what to blog nowadays.

I still have so many stories to blog, but for now...let's just say that after watching "Da Vinci's Code" - my quest for the pursuit of the holy grail is even more intense.,,

Let's just say that its maybe just an excuse to go to Paris again and again for the summer....but not after a short trip back to good old Singapore...where summer is real and the rain is even more real...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

:: what are you doing now? ::

at 1.2. (3) .4.5.6...look at my time of date of this posting ..only the second is missing..haha