Monday, May 05, 2008

:: it's hard to pass the dutchie, even at karaoke ::

even in the most unsophisticated and remote karaoke club, you can still find a dutch artiste somewhere-somehow.

what more annoying that one of my least-favourite dutch so-called celebrities - gerard least the spelling was wrong!


on another note, a filipino couple-friend has invited me for drinks and dinner last thursday, which was a public holiday eve here.

i skipped the dinner invite and joined them for drinks instead. and i was introduced to a dutch couple, one of their sister and his nephew (who were here on a holiday from utrecht). for some strange reason, one half of the dutch couple (the older one) was avoiding any eye contact or conversations with me at all - only to find out that there is a small local chinese guy who is apparently also involved in this 'threesome' relationship. i didn't see him at first since he's really rather small :) and i had conversed with the dutch in dutch (duh!)....anyhow, apparently that local midget is very possessive with any asian who can speak dutch, especially with his so-called lovers....WHATEVER

speaking of foreigners in singapore, i was the only local boy at the party (other than that little chinese guy), who are singaporean. there were 1 malaysian chinese, about 15 filipinos, and 4 dutch in total.

talk about being a stranger in your own land...well, sometimes :-)


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