Saturday, May 31, 2008

:: the pope, the molesters, beggars and homeless ...ah rome memories ::

I've been back to Holland since last Monday (after the delayed flight from Rome due to some strikes by the airport ground staff)...and had been busy catching up with my housework, work, emails, meetings, and I didn't even have any time to cook at all.
There was so many things to write and share about my Rome trip, but ever since I've been reading the power of NOW!...i don't feel its useless really to talk about the past or even to think about the future. But for my sake when I'm older, I will try to put up some photos and memories about the whole trip. But I think the real reason is that I don't like the way I look in the photos - especially with my terrible hair. It was so bad that once I reached home, I went and cut my hair by myself..and look like a butch lesbian square-top hairdo.

On a social level, it's also been busy....4 appointments this week...lots of drinks, food and entertainment...and fun! :)

The wedding, especially, was very special. It was so special that they even have a letter from the Pope to wish them much happiness and success in their marriage life. And did i tell you that I saw the Pope twice while I was in Rome? And that I was also molested twice by lecherous Italian men in the crowded buses too?

Italians do it better...dont' they ;-)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: rome fave - part 1.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

:: when in rome... ::

it's already been my 5th day in rome - and i have been walking about 80% of my time here. thankfully, i have a wonderful pair of shoes, else walking on cobblestones of rome is a challenge to the feet.

it's raining today, and i have to stay in my room and trying to 'borrow' some unsecured wifi access in order to post this. it has been my umpteenth attempts to get online, it's not easy, but i'm not frustrated, after all i'm on holiday.

i've been to most sights of rome - the coliseum, roman forum, vatican city, trevi fountain, the museums, churches, etc...

rome is a glorious city, but its magnificence lies on its magic of the past - of the days gone by. rome today is somewhat dirty, polluted and noisy - and to a certain extent, a mini 'india or philippines' just like london or hong kong. i guess that's the consequence of global migration - the poorer countries flocking the so-called richer countries of the world. with it, there's more integration, i just hope and see.

but then, is there really no place like home? after my work stints in europe - would i want to return home and work and live in the soulless and competitive birthplace of mine? i just hope and see....

:: me at via della conciliazone leading to st. peter's - as laid by Mussolini, which some said ruined the medieval character of vatican city, one of rome's realistic moments::

Sunday, May 18, 2008

>>back to the low-lands and off to rome >>

after braving of 13 hours from singapore to amsteram via klm, having two days of sleeping like a hedgehog due to much deserved sleep - i am now in ROME at a chinese-owned internet cafe...

there's so much things to do and think about for work...but for now, it's MY TIME, and i just want to enjoy my holidays and yes, attend a wedding next weekend.

more pics to share, i promise...x

Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: freakin' stress ::

just like my trip from amsterdam to singapore, i am put on wait-list for a week!

my original plan was to return to netherlands on 12 may, but only 10 may was available. the other dates were also full, except 16 may - but that is the same date that i'm flying off to rome from you can see why i'm so F**king stressed and anxious.

here are my options:
1. do the unthinkable - fly KLM, but they are also on full flight although I hope to have a seat on 14 may.
2. change my flight and hotel arrangements to rome to a later date - it will cost me more $$$
3. .....pray!

wish me luck folks...x

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

:: underwear overload::

after the initial splurging on underwear shopping at (rather overpriced) newurbanmale, i have decided to buy more underwear online at i bought a wonderjock from aussiebum at SGD 39.90 there instead of SGD25.75 online price (exclude shipping cost which was 25 AUD or SGD 32) PER delivery, of course).

i guess i went overboard with my undies shopping :-$ (and yes, i have small waist - which explained why all sizes are XS, not the package size :P)

initially, i was quite sceptical that the delivery will take just 4 days from australia to singapore (from point-of-sale to door delivery), but i thought i just give it a try nonetheless.

true to its promise, i have my goods delivered on time as scheduled...and i am very happy with the quick and hassle-free shopping. i can't wait to try them on, especially with the swimming trunk as i really like the design and cut of it. but first, i need to start doing 500 sit-ups daily :P

on the other hand, i have yet to receive my alternation confirmation for the shirts that i bought at raoul until now, even though i bought it a day earlier than my shopping.

perhaps raoul can learn something from this, other than the 1 week timeline for alternations, it should not have charge extra charges for alternations since they are supposed to be rather high-brand market. i have bought equivalent shirts before in europe and alternation is always free and quicker!

ps: what shall i do with the old undies? x

Monday, May 05, 2008

:: it's hard to pass the dutchie, even at karaoke ::

even in the most unsophisticated and remote karaoke club, you can still find a dutch artiste somewhere-somehow.

what more annoying that one of my least-favourite dutch so-called celebrities - gerard least the spelling was wrong!


on another note, a filipino couple-friend has invited me for drinks and dinner last thursday, which was a public holiday eve here.

i skipped the dinner invite and joined them for drinks instead. and i was introduced to a dutch couple, one of their sister and his nephew (who were here on a holiday from utrecht). for some strange reason, one half of the dutch couple (the older one) was avoiding any eye contact or conversations with me at all - only to find out that there is a small local chinese guy who is apparently also involved in this 'threesome' relationship. i didn't see him at first since he's really rather small :) and i had conversed with the dutch in dutch (duh!)....anyhow, apparently that local midget is very possessive with any asian who can speak dutch, especially with his so-called lovers....WHATEVER

speaking of foreigners in singapore, i was the only local boy at the party (other than that little chinese guy), who are singaporean. there were 1 malaysian chinese, about 15 filipinos, and 4 dutch in total.

talk about being a stranger in your own land...well, sometimes :-)


Saturday, May 03, 2008

:: singapore and underwear shopping ::

yes, i have already arrived in singapore since 28 april but i have been to lazy to blog.

i blame it on my continual jet-lag (i hardly sleep at night) and the fact that i'm still working from home in europe/american times...which screws up my body clock even more - thank god that i will never be pregnant.

the weather here has been uncharacteristically hot and humid, and i have 'gone commando' most of the times. this has prompted me to buy a lot of new undies and i am expecting a big shipment soon from aussiebum soon.

there is a particular underwear which i really liked, it's from japan (called dugas) - see below and it has little metal badges on its sides and a sewn-on badge at the back. it's very comfortable and sexy, my bum felt good ;-) but it's not really cheap, about 45 EU per pair, but I think i will only wear it on special occasions or parties ;-)

talk about shopping, i have also stocked up for the summer at raoul, giorgano concepts and camper shoes. for some reason, my colour for this season is full of light grays and bright pastels. this is especially so since i'm off to rome in 2 weeks for a holiday AND a wedding (with strict italian suit dresscode).

that's what i miss the most - SHOPPING and i have been eating out everyday and i think all my efforts at the gym will go to waste as i'm having a little bit of a 'beer tummy' now. i'm about to go for a karaoke later, maybe i'll post some photos (oh yeah, i have a really short haircut now, i look like a butch lesbian now, i think )

have fun people! x