Wednesday, July 09, 2008

:: opps, i did e again::

the 'neighbour' and i decided to spend last saturday night at his place - getting stoned, acting silly (and naughty) and watching some movies.

he decided to watch 'requiem for a dream' as a last go before we get too pissed and blacked out...

a HUGE mistake....well, i'm not sure if it was the bad choice or maybe the perfect choice.

the story was dark and bleak - the soundtrack, though is terribly superb if you are stoned (i meant, not fully alert because it was already 3 am in the morning :-P)
after the movie ended, i made him promised that we will NEVER EVER ended up as drug abusers*, and that we will take care of our health and body, and we will live well and good into the golden years without much health problems and die peacefully...

click on the youtube clip below to see and hear the movie/soundtrack. imagine that you are high and'll get my drift, x!

* i only meant HARD drugs, soft drugs like coffee, cigarettes do not count :-P

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sgboy said...

A great film! This film should be used in every anti drugs campaign, I remember watching this with a good friend we both were so disturbed after it and we went straight home instead of the bar as planned.