Saturday, March 29, 2008

:: back with the english (although it feels like to the indians) ::

well, after a night out celebrating for a colleague's farewell (which was until 3 am), needless to say that i missed my 9 am flight to london.

i had to wait until 12.30 pm for the next flight and i arrived at the london office late (but just in time for a meeting though).

yes, i'm back in london (again!) but this time i will spend a little bit more time and hopefully less british pound as i'll be staying over the weekend and taking a day's off on monday - i wanted to go to the museums here.

i had been having dinner with my thai colleague and his girlfriend is an excellent cook. i was their first guest to their new apartment in east london, and i'm seriously thinking of relocating to london. work opportunies are many here (i've had many job offers, but never took any yet), and i think i can manage fairly well in terms of living here despite the cost of living.

london gets me everytime, let's just hope that i will not be delayed in flights again - as it has been that way since the past two trips, one way or the other.

ps: let's really have the english spring shall we, please god?


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