Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: freakin' stress ::

just like my trip from amsterdam to singapore, i am put on wait-list for a week!

my original plan was to return to netherlands on 12 may, but only 10 may was available. the other dates were also full, except 16 may - but that is the same date that i'm flying off to rome from you can see why i'm so F**king stressed and anxious.

here are my options:
1. do the unthinkable - fly KLM, but they are also on full flight although I hope to have a seat on 14 may.
2. change my flight and hotel arrangements to rome to a later date - it will cost me more $$$
3. .....pray!

wish me luck folks...x

1 comment:

happyamsguy said...

Just call SQ often, plead your case, see if they can route you via another European gateway, etc., and I am sure you'll get on a flight to Europe. For God's sake, use your charms! ;-)
Anyway, it has been 26 C and sunny here for the last 8 days so there will not be a different climate to adapt to.