Tuesday, March 21, 2006

:: a little help ::

I guess in weeks to come, I will be busy packing and unpacking a lot of stuff (I have 2 loadful of Lesbian luggage with me).

This is a useful link for me as it teaches how to make a t-shirt folding machine - using simple everyday things like a cardboard box ;)

Until I can snag a cardboard from a Dutch karang-guni man/woman...until then, I still hate laundry and folding clothes...

Cheers, xxx

Sunday, March 19, 2006

:: i know what i did on my last birthday ::

aGentX just received some pictures at my birthday 'bash' at a regular cafe near where i live.
let's just say when he's happy, he would not want to open his eyes for any photos...hahaha

let me show you some grooves baby...

here's to my celebrity idol faux-paux...paris hilton

Saturday, March 18, 2006

:: it's my birthday...so, big deal, no?::

It's my birthday , and the darn Tube must do some engineering work on this auspicious day (well, at least for me)....hehe

Actually, I don't do birthdays anymore...why so, when everyday can be a party and happy.

But I do hope that I will not end up having Chinese all-you-eat-buffet at Mr Wu...eating crap food that most of us (at least those from Singapore though) would not even want to consider something to eat on one's birthday....Not upmarket enough...typically snortty us Singaporeans, yes?

So, another year older and perhaps its really time to consider getting more wrinkles.

Cheers, XXX

:: see you Asia ::

After about 6 months waking up every single work morning looking at the pride of KL-ites "Petronas Twin Tower" and embracing the traffic congestion and pollution on the streets, it's time to leave. I don't find it attractive to shine there...don't know, maybe because its too darn easy to do that there.

aGentX is now in London (just because he needs to take over from someone who is about to deliver her 1st newborn under water soon)...and then will be based subsequently in den haag.

London...well, what can i say..it is nice to have a view from your office that faces directly to the London Eye and trying on your Queen's English accent once a while....while you are buying the Day TravelCard at the Tube....something, "Goood mooorning looove....cooould I haaave a Daay Carddd pleaasee..." You'll get my drift.

Its terrible winter in Europe and I wonder if Spring ever comes...

xxx...see you,