Wednesday, February 15, 2006

:: finally ::

I have enough of Tom Cruise's going ga-ga over Katie Holmes and made her pregnant (finally, he proved a point that he's not mandul (infertile).)

To be in love is wonderful - but to really going overboard with the public display of affection (remember the monkey-stomping-at-sofa-thingey at Oprah) ...I'll hurl.

And this brighten up my day...well, even it is not proven not to be true, yet - well at least, a nice post-Valentine's Day coitus (and waking up to the real world).

But I hope it is just a rumour, I really do.

Monday, February 13, 2006

:: i shot the cupid on valentine's day ::

For those who are not into the roses-chocolates-mushy stuff today, I did you guys the favour....

I killed the cupid sh*t....go on now, thank me and have fun today....!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

:: monologue bodoh aku** ::

[** my stupid monologue , sorry that I’m not able to translate this as the nuances will be lost.]

Tempat : Kedai Mamak kat Bukit Bintang
Masa : Lepas gym kat hotel, nak cari makan untuk bedal balik kat bilik.
Pelakon : Aku dan Mamak (muka dia mirip-mirip Zack Zainal...hahah)
Scene : Tengah tengok lauk-lauk Nasi Kandar Mamak yang popular kat KL.

Aku : (sambil menunjuk kepada dua jenis ayam goreng) Mamak, ini ayam
apa yang lain?

Mamak : (dengan slang mamak yang sepekat teh tarik dia), yang ni ayam biasa, yang tu ayam kampong ah.

Aku : oh, ok!

Aku: (sambil menunjuk kat dua jenis nasi) ini nasi apa?

Mamak: Ayo! Ini pun tak tahu ah? Yang ini nasi briyani, tu nasi minyak lah. Encik tak pernah pergi orang kahwin punya jemputan ka? Ini mesti masih bujang, belum makan nasi minyak punya..kakaka...

Aku : errr…ok (dalam hati, kurang asam mama... banyak spelling pulak....
bodoh nya aku…)
Itu lah, asyik makan nasi Jepun aje, Nasi Minyak pun tak pernah 'calling', buat dak suah…! Anyhow, sekarang punya masjis perkahwinan pun I tak tahu apa yang dihidangkan, Nasi Tomato lah, Nasi 'whatever'...main sental aje, kasi ang pow, ambik berkat dan cabut..tu aje... kan dan kena dolat dengan Mamak.

Untuk pengetahuan bersama, ini lah perbezaannya wahai kawan2 ku...

This is Nasi Briyani

This Nasi Minyak., alright?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

:: of cartoons and cookies ::

I’ve had it! Enough is enough.

The caricature of the Prophet and mocking him in a newspaper is as serious and distasteful as the publication of child pornography, incest and mocking the Holocaust victims and other religious figures.

But the expectation by some Muslims that we are living in a Muslim world and expect everyone to understand and practice Islamic way of life is an outright and gross exaggeration.

Grow up! We are living in an eco-system that thrives on differences – be it culture, traditions, rules and norms.

Go on, be a baby…. burn more buildings and kill more people just because you are angry and bloody freaking hypersensitive.

Be over-board and let the stereotype that Islam is a religion of violence persists. For the non-Muslims, please do not equate Middle East with Islam.

Terrorists ain't no brothers of mine, civilised human beings regardless of creed, religious affiliations and faith are.

As for me, I will still enjoy my Danish cookies and yes, I am a Muslim too. Happy?