Monday, April 04, 2005

:: decisions, decisions ::

today is the 1st time that i have returned to the office (to work), after being at home (trying to work) after about a month.

you see, my last project assignment was all about research, analysis and presenting a white paper to a customer...the office doesn't need me to be there because i get all the stuff that i could've get from home, anyway.

and besides my efforts are billable 100% even when i am not in the office, so my boss is happy, and so am i.

over the weekend, i was contemplating seriously of giving my pink slip to the boss, very much like the one below, which i have done couple of months back.

the painful truth is, i am the kind of person who gets really bored with work terrribly fast. maybe because i am too afraid to be a deadwood that has subconsciously driven me into look for better and newer excitement. there was a job opening in the papers last saturday which i was really interested with, and there was another on the cards too that i had considered.

just when i was about to update my CV and started my hunt for the new job....wham! dear boss told me to get ready for a job posting in Bangkok! and start packing your bags coz it will be in 2 weeks time! "the french liked you", that was all he said.

my mental decision-making analysis snapped "yes", (after doing all the 'calculations' in my mind within 3 minutes).

but now, i am not so sure....did i make the right choice?

my options were:
a) get another job in SG, new challenges, get more money and stay put and 'grow!'
b) stay with this job, enjoy the freedom but money never enough, screw the challenges and buy a new car, and plan to retire with this job
c) take up this posting, enjoy the experience, get more money and sell off that old junk car coz you will be away after all, dimwit!

at this juncture of my writing, i think that i made the right choice with (c), but then again, did i make the right choice?. i guess the issue is not about making the choice, the issue is with the timing of it all.

the point perhaps, was, if i've signed the dotted line for a new car just last week, i will be doomed, coz i will not be able to driving the damn car. and to maintain a car when you are away is downright stupid and adds nothing but more liability.

also, this is a time where my mom needs me for her medical check-ups, and if i am away, she will be staying alone, with my house-cat, Sumoki. knowing my mother, she will not want to stay anywhere else (with my other siblings). i will need to make this arrangement work with my brothers and sisters.

i must find all the right plans and answers within the next 2 weeks, wish me luck people!

wish me luck, i am stressed, after being so fcuk**ng relax for the past months.

retribution perhaps...


lancerlord said...

If you have not worked overseas before, it'll be good experience and money.

But if you have, then it is just the same job which you found boring except that the environment is different.

Also important thing is not to make it inconvenient for your mum and siblings when you're away.

Go with your gut feeling. Hope you make right decision.

cowboycaleb said...

I say go for it. No use looking back.

Miss Mumble said...

hello...i bloghopped fm TR's...
actually hor, I donno wat to say...
cant u bring yr mom and the cat, too??;)

Anonymous said...

came by from caleb's.

icidentally, I just posted something about Thailand. could be of interst to you.

aGent X said...

lancerlord /caleb --> thanks for your advise, I am going for my gut feel and going to Bangkok.

miss mumble --> my mom and cat will be bored in bangkok.

anonymous (aka miss A) --> yes, you are right with that thai's graciousness, have encountered that many times over.

TR said...

Go for it! Hell, I'd go for it on your behalf if I could. Anything to get out of this place.

Chin said...

Wanna meet up again for Texas Hold'em with the guys before you go? Hee.

Or maybe just meet at some pub which you frequent so we can get some cheap drinks. Pref smoke-less place.

aGent X said...

chin -- i will arrange with the guys soon....i like my pub to be smoke-filled :) pity those smokers you know...hehehe