Wednesday, February 23, 2005

:: truth or dare : in bed with Sumoki ::

i have a confession to make.

i sleep with a neutered male cat who is 2 years old, EVERY single nite - but before you think of Michael Jackson...hold your horses.

Sumoki has been with us ever since he was a baby (around 3 months old), my sister found him at the foot of her apartment and took pity and look after him with another black tabby sibling.

one look at him was all it took, and i decided to adopt him...for life!

we had to let his black brother kitty go - we would always hope that he is also adopted too.

Sumoki is Japanese for 'Smokey" (which is the registered name at the Vet and in his certificate of being a Eunuch...hehehe), no thanks to my J-pop addiction...

Sumoki has a strange habit, almost every nite, without fail, he will make his way to my bed and will lie underneath my right armpit and rest his head on my shoulder or arm. But he knows how to divide his time well between my mom and the day, he would nap with mommy and at nite, with the boss - ME.

i am amazed on how much he has grown for the past 2.5 years - he has definitely changed the household, he is the king actually.

every single thing has to be catered to his needs and more nice crystals for the house decor, he eats only meat that is fit for humans (they have such things for cat food), and my mom even tailored clothes for him .

right now, he is somewhere standing/lurking guard at the study and kitchen...and yes, he does cockcroaches well, thank you very much. have i also mentioned that he is toilet-trained?...and it is self-taught too..

he will enter my bedroom ater...somehow...maybe when i am in la-la land ...or sometimes, he would wake me up to make space for him in bed.

yes, he is my bed partner and i am proud to be his...

that is my truth for tonight, what is yours?

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Cowboy Caleb said...

cute kitty.

I'm allergic to animal fur, so no pets for me.