Thursday, April 14, 2005

:the drama mama continues::

3 more days to the casino-decision time, and today we got more 'suspense' revealed.

in my native language, we will say "kalah drama bollywood " or in singlish, "bollywood movies also loose" because of the high-drama-mama-papaya-propaganda (that can beat the 10 minutes dancing and singing sequence to 17.5 different locations in a bollywood movie).

  1. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, instead of Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang, will announce the decision on the casino on Monday. (wah, so serious....)
  2. DPM Tony Tan said that the social costs of the casino must be tackled. (every singaporean matters mah...except for gays maybe)
  3. Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo said the Cabinet's decision was a collective one. ( i thought got many hours of debating between the different camps) He also said the economic benefits of a casino are not trivial. These concern billions of dollars worth of investment, thousands of jobs and the possibility of increasing tourism. (big money, big money....if sex tourism is a crime, will gambling tourism be so unpolitically-correct in the future too?)

    But Mr Yeo added a word of caution.
    "If we decide to proceed, we must protect those that are vulnerable, to make sure that those who can scarcely afford to gamble, should not be gambling.
Aiyah, caution lah for all I care....just like traffic road signs, cigarette health warning, flush toilet posters, etc... after a while, nobody bothers anymore.

and then, we will then have legalised porn, stripper clubs and flourishing sex industries....hooray!
i think i might see them before i die (if i die of old age, that is....)

the pissing index for today is 7.421 versus yesterday's 8.765

::Bali - circa 2001, violently happy aGentX with indon drags::

- what to do? with so many chiobus photos in many blogs nows-a-day, how? this one can compete or not?


Ah 9 said...

violently happy siah... hahahaa

lancerlord said...

Fwah! You smiling big big. Ear to ear.

Miss Mumble said...

Pak Aji suka..??;D

Chin said...

Aiyah, if crime gets outta hand, then just install some street-lamp camera like what they have in Geylang lor.

aGent X said...

ah9 --> it's violently happy ala Bjork, have u heard of her song?

lancerlord --> i'm grinning like an idiotic coyote because the one on my left tickled my waist damn hard... :>

mm --> pendapat pak ajis selalu kena 'veto', apa nak buat?

chin --> yeah, then when everyone got cam, we will all move to batam or JB...heheh