Saturday, April 09, 2005

:: the joy of Spring ::

i have only appreciated the true meaning of spring when i was in tokyo in 2001.

the cherry blossoms or sakura as the locals call it, and the cool and pleasant weather that made long distance walking a joy - and poetry was in motion, all that because of the best seson in a year (too bad we have none in Singapore though)

but that trip was supposed to be a "heart-break recovery" one, it was one where i went half-heartedly, because of what else, other than the matters of the heart. to have love lost and still finding a way to find a 'revenge' by going to a country with so many kawaii people :)

nevertheless, it was the kindness of the spring blooms and mother nature that has healed all heartaches, and of course, time too.

:: sakura blooms, spring 2001 - tokyo ::

and japanese PM, koizumi has this fun with spring too, this year.... oh, how much i miss Japan and the cherry blossoms!


SooHK said...

Did you see any kimono dressed ladies?

Ah 9 said...

Japan is nice!

ahmad said...

Wish I was drunk under the sakura trees right about now...