Friday, April 29, 2005

:: my left foot update::

tonight is (i hope) the last of the treatments, medications and consultations for the swollen left foot.

the 'chinese sinseh' (are there any non-chinese ones??) did a marvelous job the last visit, which was a day after the western medical practitioner has confirmed that there were no fractures whatsover.

it was just couple of ruptured veins and twisted ligaments and the western medical remedies were a jab shot to my ass to relief the pain and more pain-killers tablets to swallow and 3 days of home rest. basically, western medication objective is to alleviate pain.

but eastern medication is different, the sinseh said that my blood flow is not flowing well enough, evident from the massive 'hickey' or 'blue-black' marks around my foot. so the best way to encourage this flow is to massage those areas and to recover the traffic congestion of the blood as well as to try to do some exercise to enable the muscles to move as before. failing which, it could develop in more complications such as rheumatism and other join-related problems.

and what a great job he did, it was painful no doubt, but it was not "KNNCCB pain" as i was able to see that the swelling has reduced significantly after 30 minutes of kneading, pulling and rubbing. he has also dabbed some very hot 'herb-bag' on my foot before putting a layer of more herbs for a 'foot wrap' which is to be left overnight for 2 days.

and the next day, i was almost able to return to 90% of my left foot mobility, with just some minor swelling.

so let's hope that today's treatment will be in time for my weekend partying as i need this left foot to do some serious footworks at the clubs ;)

not only that, the sinseh is a nice man, an import from Shanghai, China some more. we talked about his kids, wife, impression of singapore, know, common man talk.

but the best education that i have given to him today was that, not all malay man is married to more than 1 wife, as he had asked me this questions, "how many wives do you have? 2? 3? 4?" in all which i replied, "zero, but more than 4 girlfriends around..." hahaha.

"Xie xie, Zong xiansheng..."

:: ahh...all the kneading, rubbing and pampering, NOT, it was darn painful ok...::


Roxanne said...

Yikes. The last time I went to a sinseh, I was literally stuffing my hand into my mouth to keep from crying out loud. Sadistics should like this job...

lancerlord said...

I reluctantly visited those Chinese shop once to relieve some back pain. Me being ticklish, could not stop moving. The person rub/massage until gave up.

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