Wednesday, April 06, 2005

:: restless ::

tonight is terrible...totally terrible.

it all started because my wireless home network simply refused to 'give' me the DHCP server (ie: network addresses) which will allow me to surf as normal. i guess it was my fault as i was toying with the configuration and suddenly it a result, everything is screwed!

in the end, i have to hook up to a network cable and as a result, not able to connect to my other laptop (work's) to the network as i was thinking of doing some work from home (and not having to go to the office tomorrow) as well and doing stuff with my laptop at the same time.

yeah, i use 2 laptops at one go many times at home, i am that kind of a geek!

that simple thing has ruined my night...only caught TR on TV for few minutes and totally scrapped tv totally (except for the chinese news at 7.30 pm). by the way, did anybody notice that the chinese news has better coverage and stories? i don't need to know much mandarin but by sheer watching the pictures and some words, i actually watched the whole news.

ah...but i digress.

i hate feeling like this, i really do - all this because of the wireless network failure :(

maybe it's also partly due to the errands and chores that i need to undertake prior to my departure. for example, the inter-banking among various banks are such a hassle as one system does not support the other. in the end, you have to fill up a form and mail it to the bank, and the processing will be ready by 7 weeks!

AND - i have absolutely have no idea how am i going to sell the car by this weekend?

damn....damn....again, its nothing to do with the issue, but its the timing of things.

i will be listening to Mr Brown's podcast with Cowboy Caleb as his guest for my bedtime lullaby, hopefully i will be cheerful and smiling before i go to sleep.


ps: to the one who 'advise' me to steer from AIDS in Bangkok, thanks. but i don't do that sort of Bangkok or for that matter, anywhere else in the world... i get this alot from people knowing that i will be in bangkok for some time, why does it have to link with sex and aids only there? why not in geylang on the sunny island of singapore?

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