Monday, April 11, 2005

:: what is beauty, anyway ::

this article has make me happy that Asian women (well, at least the Japanese) stood up and debunk the stereotypical western concept of beauty by taking part in this promotional event in Tokyo.

About 300 Japanese women in identical blonde wigs took part in the event on Sunday before throwing the wigs in the air to debunk the stereotypical western concept of beauty and being urged to develop their own beauty ideal


why can't more women follow this example and throw away all the white thrash (pun intended)

dont' get me wrong, i am not racist in judging western beauty. what i am saying is that asian women (and men) must be comfortable with their own beauty and looks without having to ape what is good for their western counterparts. for example: blue colored eye lens with dark brown skin? eh, the concept of harmony in colour, very wrong leh...

remember, at the end of the day, it is the Asians with better skin and able to withstand the aging process slower than our western counterparts.

:: now you see it, now you don't...:

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jettykey said...

I totally agree. The harmony is not there. Somehow, the asian skin color can't quite go with the blonde hair and blue eyes. If anything, one may end up looking like an albino. (No offence to albinos.)