Friday, April 01, 2005

:: the eye ::

no, i'm not talking about the movie, the eye series...BUT

i am refering to my own pair of eyes, which are still, fortunately, providing me with perfect eyesight (so far ).

so, when i got a bit blurry after too many hours staring at the computer screen, i got freaked out and decided to go to a optometrist for a comprehensive eye check.

my vision is still perfect, thank god, and i had my RETINA photographed. i like that name....Retina, sounds like many funny names like Betina, Regina, Fatima, *agina etc....

well, the truth is, even if one has a perfect vision, it does not free from some potential common eye diseases, such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc which may cause blindness.

here's the scientific or "talk theory" part (adapted from optic point)

  1. the retina, which is the inner-wall of the back of our eyes, has numerous blood vessels that are connected to our brain. retinal photography allows to look at these blood vessels without any need of surgery. it would help in detecting any blockages or choking of these vessels which obstruct the flow of oxygen that may lead to stroke or brain dead (gulp!)
  2. retinal photographs also would help detect eye diseases effecting your vision which may not be due to incorrect spectacles.
so, anybody interested to see my eyeballs? it's beautiful what a pair of eyes can do for you...

:: right and left ::

oh yeah, and my retinas are healthy, thank you very much :)

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