Monday, April 25, 2005

:: bali 101 : part 1 - hotel::

the hotel that i stayed in my short trip in bali was excellent.

located within the cluster of good hotels at Nusa 2, which coincidentally, no entry to the roads for the locals who had no business there (snobbish! like soon-to-be-our-IRs).

but too bad, as i've stayed there for only 2 nights, the service was impeccable but the food was nothing to rave was catered to the western and japanese palate mostly.

the beach front was superb, without much touts and hagglers, but this time, no more suntan and be a surfer-dude wannabe for me this time.

:: nusa dua beach hotel & spa, bali ::


jettykey said...

The thing about holiday is, you always don't have enough.

That's a nice collage.

Ah 9 said...

of totally envious that he's in Bali!!! argh....