Friday, August 20, 2004

::bye bye work, well, at least for now::

:: the place where my ass spend sometime most of the working day ::

when it comes to work, i am contented with just the notebook and a big bottle of water. i don't like to talk over the phone much, i would rather "dazzle and razzle 'em" face-to-face, it's better that way, i figured. i am good at body language and picking up visual clues - well, at least, most of the time.

today is my last day at work - but it is work as usual. i have spent the earlier part of the morning in meeting, doing some presentation and then, the 'exit process' with the human resources. i have returned all company properties, signed off one final email to say thanks and goodbye to all who had been supportive of me - bosses included, and headed off for the staff annual convention held at kallang theatre.

there, amidst the pre-event food and drinks, i meet more people, say my thanks and goodbyes before heading to the convention proper. it is a normal business talk - about performances, moving ahead, etc etc. it is weird because i am not going to be a part of the business plan and future because today is, well, my last day :)

convention ended - said more friendly farewells and headed off the newasia bar at swisshotel westin, with old friend claudine and hubby,soren - and their friends. told them about my last day at work and was suggested that we should all drink to that, on my tab obviously. well...why not?

couple of reds and champagne later, dance a little, another old friend/colleague-ex-colleague now, simon, joined us. we stayed on with more drinks (compliments of him) and we headed home soon after.

i realised that today, i have been very active for more than 18 hours, and it was my last day of work.

so long farewell, work - well, at least for another 10 days ;)

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Lost In Transition said...

Looks like yer moving on to greener pastures! good on yer congrats!