Saturday, April 16, 2005

:: friday chill ::

last nite, i decided to chill with my old buddies, we went way back in the 80s, y'all.

back to the time when orchard road was 'ruled' by kids - "centerpoint kids", "far east kids", "marina kids", get my drift.

now, orchard road was 'ruled' by another kind of kids... "lost kids".

anyway, it was a fun outing, i paid for drinks coz of my supposedly impending departure to bangkok for job posting (still dunno when) and another buddy, R, paid for the food as he just returned for a short trip after working for a while in shanghai. that's how conniving my buddies can get.

it was not only that, i thought it would be nice to toast for a friend who is getting engaged to a filipino woman next week. being an orphan, he has decided to have a ceremony there and luckily, for him, some of his colleagues are accompanying him. too bad the buddies can't be there next week, but hey, have fun still....(heard its going to be a beach party there ;))

:: drinks, food, cats and the esplanade::


lancerlord said...

Night Scene in Orchard Road? I wonder why photos of mannequins were taken?

SooHK said...

Some nice photos you have there. I remember during my overseas assignment, the thing I miss is the nasi lemak and noodles. The photo on the top left which shown some food, is good to bring along to bkk hahaha