Wednesday, April 27, 2005

:: sight for sore eyes::

i guess today, being the 3rd day of inactivity is a good time to post some more pics from the last weekend's bali.

actually, i have not been totally inactive, as i am still working remotely from home and finishing up work stuff from irritating colleagues who have no sense of basic etiquette to ask how my foot was, but instead, more work queries and clarification....buggers!

the topic of etiquette was also, coincidentally, on today's Oprah show on Star TV. i shall dwell on etiquette is my incoming post, there are so many things to talk about it by then.

but for now, i know there are many good photographers, like one of my favourite,

compared to my last trip (where i was being lazy and spend most of my time at kuta and its surrounding places, such as seminya, legian and double six) this time, i did some sight-seeing, but again, only isolated to the southern most part at Nusa Dua.

the place which provided some relief in terms of amazing view, is Uluwatu Temple, if you are interested to see more of this place, you can check out this site as well...

anyhow, you can check out the full pics at my flickr here...but here are my favourite sights:

1. sunset from uluwatu temple

the best place to watch the sunset in Bali is at Uluwatu, simply because it is located on the southern-most part of the island...

2. the harsh shores of the pura uluwatu cliffs

i love cliff and rocky shores like this, reminded me of some far flung places of Scotland, eh?

3.local family enjoying the view after praying at uluwatu temple

it was the full-moon when i was there, so many local hindus made special prayers to the temple to offer their offerings. but seeing a family enjoying its private moment like this, has warmed my heart....ideal family size that is...a son, a daughter, a father and mother, life is a bliss....

4. art pieces for tourist dollars

this kinda reminded me of the art pieces that were available in phuket...

5. the sea that i've missed @ nusa 2 resort and spa

unlike my last resort trip to phuket, this time, i did not even get wet at all...

6. the call for world peace at sari club destructed by the bombing site

this was the only pic (other than those with the babes) that i took at the watering holes of last nite was spent at a club called M'bargo, right across this once Sari Club of Bali...

but i guess, the most important question was....did i find my smile from this trip?

let's just say, for now, i did....but then, i grimaced, due to my leg injury....

anyhow, i will complete the book which i am reading now, before i can find that answer.

"let's smile more often", that's what i'm telling myself nowadays, cheers!

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