Wednesday, February 09, 2005

:: of sand dunes and tunes...:


with special thanks to cowboy caleb's comments, this is the link to 'sample' (ie: download) this song.

ps: better be quick, it will expire in 7 days...period.


"If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air,
quaint little villages here and there...""
(repete muitas vezes)

- At The River, Groove Armada

That tune has been going on and on my head since yesterday.
But it is not fatal enough to be another song addict.

ps: no thanks to the 'house by the river' ads shown on TV. can't remember which development it was for, guess its one near the harbour front


Cowboy Caleb said...

upload to and pass us the link leh...

aGent X said...

i tried after ur suggestion but got some configuration issue with the firewall.

let me check the how to do book and keep you updated cowboy :)

Calamity Man said...

believe it or not, i was going to write about this song too, the one by groove armada. acid jazz is the way to go. lush 99.5fm is my daily medicine.