Tuesday, February 22, 2005

:: of tie and cheap ice cream ::

a colleague said that i looked 'spiffy' today.

well, i am spiffy alright, because i thought that i have an early last-minute presentation (which by the way, cost my beauty sleep last night)...only to be told by my house that it was a mis-communication as it is only an internal walk-through....sigh~ so much of the mad morning-drive with all the curses...

so like it or not, the tie will stay, as it is very unlikely to be seen in my current work culture (although i used to wear that everyday for the past 7 years in my previous jobs)

i've had the macdonald's ice cream cone for 25cents and luckily at suntec city..the afternooon breeze is good...although it is still humid.

i better plan to leave by 5.30pm, else i will have to pay $4.00 extra for already highly inflated parking charges after 6pm at the esplanade...

:: tie and ice-cream - colour coordinated? ::


Cowboy Caleb said...

send an email to support at liquidblade dot com

Tell us what nick you would like to have and we'll set up your account.

aGent X said...

cowboy --> thanks man...you are da' man...will do...cheers!