Wednesday, February 02, 2005

::jay leno and liquid input/output::

i removed the surgical tape from my chin today.

it still swell like hell and my lower lip and jaw are numb.

and i have the chin of Jay Leno.

the stiches are looking fine, within the confinement of my mouth, of course - as i did not want to have any scars should the stiches be done ON my chin.

my brother said that i look so much older with this kind of jaw/chin. well, what did he expect? it was swelling and bruising internally.

i still have to remove the stiches on chinese new year's eve.

on another scientific note - due to the liquid diet, everything that came out of me is liquid form too (gross, but you get my drift :P)

::jay leno anyone? what say you?::

::freddie krueger with his metal teeth anyone?::


Cowboy Caleb said...

heh, leno junior

aGent X said...

alamak cowboy!
let's hope that the leno will subside soon man, else i will be in trouble...

TR said...

Uhmm...if I squint my eye, maybe got that Jay Leno chin. Just a wee bit only.

Oh ewwwwww...thank you for sharing that bit with us.