Sunday, February 27, 2005

:: mind hack ::

**added entry**

ok, ok..i will figure it out on how to 'share' these mind-hacking tunes with you all ;)

** ends**

not only paris hilton's cell phone has been hacked, but my mind is too, right now,...thank you very much.

blame it on 2046 soundtrack which i have been listening almost non-stop for the past week.

my singapore- state-of- mind of mine now is like tony leung's character in that movie, which hard to articulate right now.

you got to be in the mood to watch this movie, i tell 'ya... the narrative is fractured and takes lots of mind power to concentrate and to tolerate the slow paces.

but now, the tunes from that soundtrack that are stuck in my sound lobes in some corners of my brain are:

  • track 4 - the christmas song - fast version (performed by shigeru umebayashi)
  • track 6 - siboney (performed by connie francis)
  • track 9 - casta diva, from the opera 'norma' (performed by angela gheorghiu/london symphony orchestra)
  • track 10 - perfidia (performed by xaxier cugat)
  • track 11 - main theme 2046 -rhumba version (performed by shigeru umebayashi)
  • track 13 - dark chariot (performed by peer raben)
  • track 14 - sysiphos at work (performed by peer raben)
if you want your mind to be hacked...let me know..i may share some of these tunes with you....


lancerlord said...

I was planning to watch it this coming weekend...if my mind is not hacked by then.

Cowboy Caleb said...

oh be still my heart

yes please, my iPod would like the whole soundtrack if it's possible.

Mr Miyagi said...

One of the ring tones I have on me phone is Perfidia.

And the other is Maggie Cheung saying in Cantonese 'If there's one more ship ticket, will you leave with me?'

aGent X said...

--> lancerlord : be prepared for brain firewall :)

--> cowboy : let me figure it out, not as techno speed as you dude :p

--> mr miyagi : so..that's what it meant...i was figuring it out when i heard 'in the mood of love' soundtrack...

Mr Miyagi said...

There are two tracks with Maggie Cheung. In the other, she says, "What are you trying to say?.... I thought I was the only one that knew".