Monday, February 14, 2005

:: i survived VD! ::

valentine's day is one of the corniest and mushiest nite ever...especially with what i call the 'awkward couples-syndrome' whereby ordinary and plain boys and girls are walking in the air of cupid, holding the roses, bear, toys, chocolates, etc...., but yet 'pai-seh' at the same want and don't want like know what i mean. they are sure to fail in any catwalk or beauty pagent.

relax lah people, today is the day that you can show off...that you too, are now a couple and have VD presents and say I Lup you. it is your cherish and chest-up and walk up high..

anyhow, even though it is now past my bed-time, i am still gleeming.

despite of the face that my face is full of non-productive oil, my hair is in the mess and i have not showered for more than 12 hours ;p

but i am not complaining ... coz love is really all around - for the ah bengs, ah lians, the mats, minahs, tangechis and so on... even for the good old moi :)

too blurr coz today many people are blind what...

**stupid gleeming self-pic deleted**

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