Thursday, February 17, 2005

:: smoking itch ::

a fellow blogger, trisha has a smoking itch.

so she has decided to whoop out her culinary skills to a good cause to combat the urge to smoke...after all, it has since been 5 years since she ever lay her lips to the ciggies :)

fortunately for me, i am blessed with good genes of not having any cigarette cravings, i just don't and don't ask me why.

until now, even if i had smoke a stick or a pack, i have never felt the urge to continue the next day/week.month...whatever

my last ciggie was during the lunar new year eve and i have not touched any eversince....i have many unopened cigarettes at home (courtesy of my trips to JB).

and no, i am not in denial...

-- smoking is bad, but sucking your mouth to look like Naomi Campbell...disasterous!--


Cowboy Caleb said...

men who smoke do so because they weren't breast-fed as babies.


TR said...

You evil! Evil man!!

aGent X said...

-->cowboy : i thought it was becoz they could not get enough of breast-feeding :)

--> tr : i am dr.evil....huahahahah...