Saturday, February 12, 2005

jalan-jalan kebun bunga*

i think, for most men and (perhaps some ladies too), to say that 'i like walking in the park' is outright phoney - especially so when it is used as part of the whole courtship process.

phoney or romantic or otherwise - i don't give a shite about what others think.

well, i am not sure if walking in the park can be listed as one of my hobbies, but it is definitely one of my favourite activities (besides sleeping and being a couch-potato).

with good weather, good running shoes, a digi-cam and free parking, i went to the botanic gardens (bukit timah sector) for a lovely stroll in the evening.

it is just me and my cam...

however, the real reason of my walk in the park today is to check out if roller-blading is allowed at the botanic gardens or not.

if yes, i wanna know if the slopes and distance are sufficient for my blading workouts.

if not, i am really, really, really disappointed.

the verdict is shown below:

sigh! like anything that has links with the government, it has its rules and regulations everywhere!!

*for those who are national-language-challenged, it means walking at botanic gardens


Cowboy Caleb said...

Awesome pics dude.

You using Picasa right? Nice touching up of the photos.

aGent X said...

yeah cowboy, it's via Picasa.

using 'i'm feeling lucky' option most of the time :)