Tuesday, February 01, 2005

:: on MC liao ::

i am in pain right now.

luckily for the pain-killers, else, i do not know what to do.

i had a mini-surgery just now, and the pain from all that stiching has started to surface few hours after that.

you see, i fell and had few cuts in my gum and jaw.

the doctor had it stiched up and i am on medical leave until chinese new year eve.

oh well...swell!

ps: luckily i had tons of dvds from my shopping spree on monday, maybe i will do some movie review, ala agentX.


Cowboy Caleb said...

good grief!

Get well soon man.

Anonymous said...

Ouch !! take care. Antique Chik

TR said...

Yowzer! Take care of yourself and have fun with the movie binging.

aGent X said...

thanks y'all for the kind words.

am doing ok - so far :)