Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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Chinese New Year lonely road Posted by Hello

a friend of mine (ie: Bob) has this HUGE 3-and-a-half storey townhouse somewhere at the private estates of Bukit Timah.

his place is one of our favourite hangouts to chill and merriment.

at the stroke of mid-nite to mark the beginning of the year of rooster, i remembered that our conversations revolved around the ridiculous job offers of a lawyer-friend (who has just returned for good from europe and usa for the past 2 years). he mentioned that the salary offered to him by the 2 local law firms here was what he was paid in 1990, yada yada...


let's just say that the nite ended when most of my friends were knocked out from all the booze...except yours truly :)

they stayed over at bob's while I left around 4.30 am.

now. you tell me.

1) the distance from the house to the main road is some 1.5 km away (yeah, i had the distance measured when i drove there before).

2) the road name is called "Kampong Chantek" (which is still retaining its old Malay spelling, and it means "Beautiful Village"). the old village was reputed to be spooky and haunted. there was even an old tale made into the TV show in channel 5.

3) i did not drive that night.

naturally, the best thing to do is to call a cab. but it would take me some 10 minutes before the taxi reached there.

since i am the sort who do not like to cause any anxiety attacks to taxi drivers (especially at a dead-end quiet road), i decided to go to the guardhouse and wait for the cab there.

bad mistake.

1) the guard was asleep...see even took that shot via my mobile cam. so, no little talks.

2) the damn road was damn quiet and eerie....too many nite creature sounds...i was trying to get my imagination at work so that i will be fully prepared if there should be any 'pontianak' (ie: malay vampire) that lurked. i imagined seeing her on top of trees, or a hand tapping my shoulder, etc etc....

3) i was kinda excited to meet the prospect of a beautiful woman in white walking alone of the street...but it didn't happen :(

finally, the taxi arrived and i just plonked my ass to the seat and doze off until i reached the my home.

guess all that imagination might of helped to prevent any encounter of 'what-ifs', because so far, my encounters with the other side has been warm and cordial....

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