Saturday, January 22, 2005

::song addict::

"i am agentX and i am a song addict"

there are songs that i crave for and love more than the others.

strangely though, those songs are mostly japanese and my last obsession (circa 4 months ago) was with this song: "love addict" by mika nakashima.

not only did i buy the cd and the single, had it converted mp3 and recorded into MD, reading the japanese lyrics, got it translated and tried to karaok-ed it with much gusto.

i listen to the song everywhere -- in the shower, while driving, roller-blading, jogging, sleeping and when i'm logged to my notebook. i just can't get enough of this song.

the translated lyric of this song (hopefully you can view japanese characters), for your pleasure.

Artist: Nakashima Mika
Title: Love Addict
Words: Nakashima Mika
Music: Osawa Shinichi

もぐる ベッド
Slip under the covers,
いききらして、 やつがやってくる
he's on his way here, out of breath.
うでの なかで
in his arms,
あした の おとき を おもう
I'm thinking of who I'll be with tomorrow.
つかれた かた、 
his tired shoulders,
タバコ ふかし みえたけむり が、
by the time the smoke from his cigarette clears,
きえる ころに 私 の はだ は もうえ かわく
my skin will be dry again.


リズム に あわせた おどる その あせ は
Dancing to the rhythm,
げんきい の はざま を こえて は おそう
that sweat pushes right through my limitations.
て に そまる あい を くらい とべる のさ
Devour the love that stains my hand and I can fly.
いっしゅん の はかない もの に しれい は くだされた
receiving orders from a person who's come and gone in a flash. *1

さがしだせ その て で よくぼう
find my desire with those hands
うちこがせ その て で あいじょう
set my love ablaze with those hands
しんじて やどる あい は うつくしい
the love I trust in and harbor in my heart is beautiful.

ときあかせ その み で くちびる
discover the meaning behind the lips with your body.
つきあげ よ その み で かんじょう
drive me wild with your body
あい に くるう おんな は うつくしい
a woman driven mad by love is beautiful.

ぬぐった かぜ ほお を なぐり なみだ を さそう
the wind passing through hits my cheek, bringing on the tears.
くせ に なった こにゃ も にげられない は
it's getting to be habit, there's no escape tonight.
て を なめる ねこ の よう に すりよって
nestle close like a cat licking its fur,
ふさがった こころ を あとおし してる
backing the heart I closed off.
とびちった つき おいこし きめる の さ
Overcome the shattered moon going for the goal
いだい な あい の ちから が ここ に あたえ らで
It's here that I gain the great power of love.

きりおとせ おどれない がんぼう!
cut off any desires that can't dance.
ふみにじれ いらない プライド
rample upon the unnescessary pride.
しんじて やどる あい は うつくしい
the love I trust in and harbor in my heart is beautiful.

まきおこせ かぎりない かいかん
create boundless pleasure.
とりあげろ まよわない ていこう
take away the resolute resistance
あい に くるう おんあ は うつくしい
a woman driven mad by love is beautiful.

きり の ない こんな あい のど に ふりまわされている は ざんこくに   
I'm being tugged back and forth cruelly by this never ending love
あい の かたち ならば ひてい できない
No one can deny the shape of love,
私 の あかし だわ
it's who I am.

Repeat chorus

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
*1 - The lyrics here could be interpreted as being that in the moment of orgasm, The singer is not herself, and is in fact at the beck and call of her primal urges.

you can listen to the sample here, BUT you have been warned.

so, that is my song addict, what's yours?


TR said...

Don't laugh ok? For me the "it" song for the moment is Jay Chou's "An Jing" *blush*

Trish who's going to hide under a rock somewhere

aGent X said...

TR, no thanks to that Sly-vester ah beng guy of SG Idol that 'revived' that song :D