Wednesday, February 09, 2005

:: an assh**e equivalent to the face::

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it is said that the assh**e is the boss of all human organs. without it, all system will crash.

i think the same for anyone with regards to their appearance, especially to the face, is a good skin.

which is why i really, really hated acne and pimples.

during puberty and teenage years, i always wish that i will be older. quickly.
so that there will not be any more pimples too.

when i am older and wiser now, those stupid pimples still appear on my face.
it is not that i neglected basic routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing, well, you see ... i had a lot of such products.

label me all you want...metrosexual or whatever crap it is. for me, it is just to take care of basic hygiene of clean skin.

and may i add...these products are for MAN's skin, as i read somewhere that our skin is thicker and rougher than the ladies (with pun intended, of course).

i think i must have spent quite a bit -- any brands with 'homme' is in it, you can bet that i have bought it. but i am not going to name drop here, else some think that i am a 'designer-brand' ______ (fill in your own label here).

BUT when it comes to the crunch...i realised i don't have anything to kill the bloody pimples on my face, which would appear as and when they please.

maybe if i was born somewhere with four seasons, maybe my skin will be like aaron kwok's and andy lau's?

anyone with any suggestion?

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