Sunday, February 20, 2005

:: female bosses - wonder woman or wicked witches?::

In the lifestyle section of the Sunday Times, some good 3 pages were devoted on analysis, articles, scenarios and interviews about lady bosses.

With 45% of the working population are women, it is no wonder many MCP*s are reporting to a lady boss.

Of my 5 jobs so far, I have only 1 male boss and he is my current boss. The others were all women (had no chance to work for a transexual yet, unfortunately ..hehe)

Among the women, there are many differing traits and management styles. One boss was more like a mother-figure than a boss, while another was more of a KTV hostess than a leader. But I do not think that whether male or female will have any difference at how competent they are in the job.

Yes, we are different because we have different physical and perhaps, emotional attributes. But I believe ultimately, to be a good boss or not, it is really about the person's management and leadership skills - be it man, woman or transgender.

And you don't need to read all of the articles in the papers to conclude that.

*male chauvinist pig


Cowboy Caleb said...

I think female bosses are better.

Male bosses can be real assholes.

aGent X said...

cowboy --> my current and only male boss so far is not an asshole - not yet :)