Tuesday, February 22, 2005

:: how insensitive ::

the irony with my workplace now is that i have more multi-national colleagues than before.

there's belgian, canadian, indian, malaysian (3) and singapore (3) ...and there's only 9 of us in the office right now.

however, the chinese clan (4 members) in the office always speaks mandarin/cantonese among themselves, which i find disturbingly rude. the ones from malaysia are particularly closed and this 'guangxi' factor is driving me nuts...especially i find out of they got the job purely by the referals of the clan.

even though i know they are not gossiping or bitching about anyone (as i understand some mandarin) , but i find it is downright rude to speak out loud in the workplace in a language that many do not or simply did not want to listen. i am aware that their spoken english is not as fluent as mine :P but at least speak english so that we can share the conversations (at times) with everyone in the office.

if you want to speak and do not want others to hear, either speak softly or go somewhere else...marangkusheebye...

that's why my canadian colleague and myself are listening to mp3s with our big headset the whole day, i will sue this firm should i become deaf...

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